Thursday, November 25, 2021

Breakfast La Martina and visit to La Noria

Almost forgot what day it was


On the spur of the moment yesterday we decided to take a road trip. Back again to La Martina restaurant for breakfast and then on to a quick drive through La Noria. We usually get early starts - well about nine o'clock early so we can enjoy the coolest time of the day. And not interrupt afternoon nap time. Him, not me so much. Well sometimes...The driveway into La Martina. The bougainvillea have really grown since last year and they are bloom spectacularly. So many different colors. 

These were only planted about three years ago and they too are growing like crazy. Completely cover the arches now. 
Didn't take many pictures as I think I've already taken pictures of every thing there is take them of. This must be an amazing place for a wedding. 
Haven't seen this plant before. 
And a new addition. Or else he has been quiet as I've never seen him before either. 
The back portion of the side yard. 
Leaving to get back on the road. Just liked all the colors here. 
A few more miles up the road and we came to La Noria's arch. The topes are new! It is funny the topes leading to the arch are real. The ones behind the arch are just painted stripes on the road. But they look real. 
This sign wasn't here the one time we drove to La Noria last year. It is in front of the plaza where every Sunday they have a big fair. 
Driving around town I think the church has been painted. We will return in the near future and stop and visit with friends and spend more time just wandering around. 
The only stop we made in town. Bill Needed to have some of his favorite tortillas. He says they are the best he's ever eaten. 
Back out through town. There seem to be more little stores than before. 
Laundry day. 
We took a side trip up the hill to visit with Tico the potter and see how he and his family have been since we last saw them over a year ago. This beautiful bougainvillea was in his neighbors yard. At least three different colored leaves on it.
Tico's potters wheel. Spins it by foot.
He took us out back to see the pottery he had fired the previous day in his kiln. 
The kiln behind Tico. 
Looking in to the top of the kiln. Most of these haven't been glazed. 
Showing us the ash for day before's fire. 
The neighbors burro. Very friendly 
Showing us one of his new planters. He and his family have been well and doing fine the last year. Very happy to know that. We will visit with him again when we come back. 
Then on home. A quick trip but a fun one. And so very glad to see life has somewhat returned to normal in La Noria. 
Did almost nothing today. 


Mark said...

Hope to see Tico when I get there, and maybe buy another mug or something else. Loving reading the blog each day..

Doug and Nancy said...

We agree with Mark. We are loving reading your adventures every day.

Carol and Bill said...

Mark - how many days?
Doug and Nancy - glad you are enjoying, wish you were here.

Kathy Tycho said...

Now that was really interesting..Tico is very talented!