Saturday, November 13, 2021

not much to talk about

 Well I ended up with a little bit to talk about. Just spending the days enjoying ourselves. The other night we went up to Roy's restaurant in Cerritos. Mainly we went to Cerritos just to get outside and walk around looking in the shops. Then saw the grilling going on so decided to get take out. Got ribs. Not any where as good as Fat Fish. And again - both of us knew better - the meal did not agree with Bill. Not only does red meat disagree with him now after not eating for so long, but pork doesn't agree with him either. The last time I fixed pork at home it upset his stomach. But...had to try again. Not any more. Lesson learned. 

She was watching a couple of kids running all over the place. One of the reasons ours was take out. I know they were just kids being kids, Been there done that don't do it any more.  
Out for breakfast too. I really don't even want to cook anything in this heat and humidity. At Torres watching the waves and enjoying the breeze. 
Then on to Home Depot looking for something. Did find it - replacing something that the lovely thieves took. 
Had to laugh at this. On our son's Facebook page. Ah yes, we all get older. 
Went to WalMart this morning looking for English Muffins and found some - hooray. Going in have to put arm up for temperature taking then use sanitizer and of course wear mask. Remembered our bags this time. 
When we got home, to RV, we discovered that the palm trees were being trimmed. These guys were using shoe spikes and a rope to climb the trees. Then chopping the fronds off with a machate. Did a good job in a short time. 
Got tired of being inside so back across the street tonight for dinner and sunset. 
Who could resist taking this picture. 
The sun behind the low clouds. 
Love to watch this waiter when he is serving drinks. He can dance, move quickly and go down stairs with the glass on his head. Bravo. 
Just thought this was pretty. 
No idea what we might do tomorrow, it is still very hot and humid. Do not want to walk around when it is like this. 


Kathy Tycho said...

Well I'd say doing nothing here is more exciting than doing nothing at home😉

Carol and Bill said...

Kathy - except at home we have more room to move around. Its the humidity that keeps me in. Sure hope it goes away some soon.
You guys all settled in?

Anonymous said...

That is a stunning sunset photo with the sail boat. You deserve an award.