Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Out to breakfast again in Centro

 Back to yesterday heading home after eating our delicious crepes! One of the buildings on the side street is getting a face lift. Always nice to see.

And this one is for sale. 
This is where to live if you like old buildings and narrow streets. Glad the Jeep is small. 
Just a colorful building right downtown in Centro 
An older building repurposed. Interesting mural and sign. 
Another view of the same building. The palm trees have been painted. Looks great. The kind of stuff that catches my eye. 

More of yesterday. In the afternoon we decided to jump in the car and go to the nursery for some plants. First though we went down the short road across the street that goes to the ocean. Boy a lot of damage to the concrete walkway and stairs leading down to the beach. The wall on the left belongs to the Torres Mazatlan time share. Didn't get out of the car but looks like a real mess with the broken concrete. The little snack shop on the right looks okay though.
In the nursery checking out the plants. We always get more than we need. But they are all so pretty. No hibiscus this year. Last year ours didn't get any flowers on them. Maybe too much wind?
So here are some of them waiting to be put in the containers that Rafa saved for us from last year. 
The bougainvillea are blooming like crazy, amazing what a little water can do for them. 
Last night's okay sunset. Seen better...
So today we got another kind of early start to head into Centro for breakfast again, but at a different restaurant. IN the parking lot - guess it was laundry day. 
The outside of the parking lots building looks like a nice old building. 
Never know what you'll see if you look around. 
Walking through the Plazuela Machado on the way to the restaurant. There are a couple of cruise ships in today. And a lot of tours come through the plaza. 
No wind today so I could get a good picture of these decorations in the gazebo. 
Walking by one of the art galleries/restaurant/hotel. I wonder what our HOA would say if we put this in our front yard. 
And here we are at Belisario Restaurant. Love the outside seating. And the waiter who has served us over the years welcomed us "Home." Good to see him and find out he and his family and the people who work in the restaurant are all fine and healthy and made it through so far. 
Looking back at the street we came down. So pretty to sit outside in fresh air and have beautiful scenery. 
Out front of the restaurant. the tree is blooming. The purple building is a parking lot too. 
The blooms on the tree. So pretty. 
And will stop here. Continue after breakfast errands in tomorrow's blog. Today, well by afternoon it was humid again. Was glad to get back in the car after walking around.

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