Saturday, November 6, 2021

Mazatlan at last Got here Wednesday afternoon.

Got here Wednesday afternoon. Pulled into our space and set things up. Glad to know we won't be moving for a few months. After resting a little and cleaning up we went across the street to Torres for dinner. They really went out for Day of The Dead. Lots of displays. This particular one was for past employees of the resort. A person from the financial off stopped and told us about all the pictures of the employees. We recognized a couple of the names.Always nice to be here. It is so pretty. Right now they are doing some construction to the grounds. So we came in from the south side walkways. 

Bill at our favorite table in La Palapa. Felt like coming home. In fact, the waiters welcomed us "home." Actually I am combining two days here - this was at breakfast the next morning. 
Some big waves coming in. 
The grass right up by the sea wall was still covered in sand from the storms. 
Back to Wednesday night. We were enjoying our meal in the inside room of the restaurant when much to our happy surprise Rafael came in and set up. Always a pleasure to see and listen to him sing and play.  A great end to a rather miserable day. Bill had "some of the best" chicken fajitas he's ever had and I had a great salad. We were both in bed by 9:00.
Some work around our site the next day. Bill stringing his lights. Not quite as many this year. Also we got a new load of gravel. (Bill and Marilyn - you could get handfuls and we wouldn't even know.)
The banana plants are doing good. And all four bougainvillea are alive and three are blooming.  
They just need a little bit of TLC.
So we are slowly getting settled in for the winter. There have been a lot of changes around the RV park. Will take pictures another day. We also got our Internet up and running thanks to Rafael's daughter. She went to TelCel and picked up a wireless modem and set up the account for us. Now that we figured out we had to register it and how to do it it is running great and fast. 
Last night, Friday, we went to the Plazuela Machado for dinner and entertainment. Have never seen the restaurants so full. Will get back in blog writing rhythm soon I hope. All is great.
Another post below this one about last day on road. 


Doug and Nancy said...

Really happy you arrived, now we can ALL begin our winter vacation!! I can hear the waves pounding!!

SandyM said...

Happy you are safely there and getting settled. Sure would enjoy that view Bill is taking in while having breakfast. How is the weather?

Carol and Bill said...

Doug and Nancy - sure wish you could make it this year. Lots of changes going on around the city. New bike paths, lots of building going on.
Sandy - Glad we are parked for a few months. The weather is hot (for me) 85+ during the day and very humid. Goes down to 75+ during night. Can't wait until it cools down and humidity goes down some.