Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Changes in San Carlos

Doing okay with writing, but behind in posting. Yesterday, Sunday, was a quiet day. I spent most of it watching the NASCAR race. At least I won't care if I miss the final race as my favorite driver didn't make it to the final four. Missed by one point, even though he finished 2nd in the race.

I did walk across the street to the beach. Sure surprised by what I found.  None of this was here when we were here last. It was just an empty beach. Wow!

Shade, a lifeguard stand and a new walkway down to the beach. I had my camera on the wrong setting so some of the pictures are a strange color. The new walkway is where the railings are. 
There are a couple small buildings. Looks like one might be aa snack stand the other is bathrooms. 

The new walkway.
Just looking back at the fog bank out on the water.
Come evening we decided to get pizza for dinner. While waiting for it we walked back across the beach. I thought it might be a kind of nice sunset as earlier in the day there had been lots of clouds. But nope they were gone.  Several people were out enjoying the new facilities. Sun not quite down yet. 
Looking down the beach. 
Almost down. 
This is as good as it got. 
Back across the street to pick up the pizza. These musicians were going to go up the stairs to the restaurant. The man with the biggest instrument is the one using the cane. None of the other guys helped him up the stairs. 

Decided this morning to stay another day. Just going to be lazier today. Did go out to breakfast though  at Chihuahuas. We were the only ones there. 

My breakfast was good, French toast and bacon, Bill said his was interesting. He had an omelet.
Been out to eat a couple of more times, but no pictures.
Posting this early as we will be on the road today - heading to Los Mochis where we will be spending the night in a truck stop. If my telcel mifi doesn't work won't be hearing from us for a few days. Will continue to take pictures and catch up when we can. Found out our Internet cable in Mazatlan has been cut down by one of the new businesses by the cammpground. So it might be a while before I can post blog.  


Kathy Tycho said...

Safe travels! Your pictures are gorgeous.

Contessa said...

Safe travels today.