Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Keeping busy, kind of.

 Just some pictures from driving home yesterday after our breakfast. Colorful homes on narrow cobblestone streets. 

The three story parking structure right downtown Centro. I think I remember reading it is open. Forgot to pay attention to see if any cars in there. 
I like the grayish tone palm trees. 
New painting on the outside of a bar/grill. 
Still no traffic out in Olas Altas. 
One of the main streets with its center bike path. 
Street entertainment during the red lights. Has his hula hoop. 
This mornings sunrise
Went out to breakfast again this morning, at least it gets us out of the RV and it is still cool enough to be out. Hum...is this politically incorrect?
Walked out almost on the sand looking south towards town. 
Looking north, not too many people out on the beaches yet. 
Guess the hurricane decided this are should be beach instead of grass. Some grass is trying to peak through all the sand in places. 
No reason I just liked the looks of this leaf. 
The air conditioning quit working a few days ago. Mechanic is back. Check out the positions of their feet. 
Almost fixed.
And we dropped the laundry off in the afternoon and walked through the campground to the sidewalk and past the restaurants to the pharmacy to pick up somethings. At 5:30 in the evening. When we got home, both of us were puffing and soaking wet from the humidity. Tomorrow we have a couple of errands to do. 


Kathy Tycho said...

Played cards in the park yesterday afternoon..it was a sweaty deal😉

SandyM said...

Love the header picture you are using now - just a gorgeous photo - thank for sharing.

Doug and Nancy said...

Thanks Carol. I am enjoying all of "OUR" outings!!!

Carol and Bill said...

Kathy - sure hope it cools down and dries up some soon.
Sandy - thanks - that photo was being in the right place at the right time. I like it too.
Doug and Nancy - glad you are enjoying them. We will try to keep busy and out and about.