Friday, November 19, 2021

Visit to El Quelite Part 1

Kind of cool here in Mazatlan this morning, think we will put the quilt back on the bed for tonight. I am loving it, Bill got cold overnight. Also doesn't feel quite as humid - yet. Again today we wait for the Jeep mechanic. He is going to try to fix the back seat windows so they go up and down. Right now they are up and cannot go down. 

Yesterday I posted about the detour to get to El Quelite. Today I'll  take you to visit the town. We LOVE it there as any one who has been following this blog knows. Even thought about buying a house there several years ago. Always take a picture of the arch ...

This bougainvillea is so beautiful. The picture does not do it justice. It is red, orange and yellow. 
Another must take picture as we go though town. Colors, colors and more colors. 
Following a truck selling what looks like bread. He was advertising it over a loud speaker but I wasn't paying attention to what he was saying.  I just thought he was a produce truck until I looked at the picture. Just so happy to back here. Another beautiful bougainvillea by the road. 
We are on the main street into town. After the hurricane it was completely covered in mud. The townspeople cleaned  most of it with shovels, brooms and wheelbarrows. Help couldn't get to them until later. One of the restaurants in town. 
We were surprised that there was parking right in front of where we wanted to go. We were there early - got there a little after 9 o'clock.
This restaurant of course is where we were going. It is an amazing place.
Across the street the towns sign. A little pedestrian street behind it.  (Just read in paper this morning the people of the town are fighting to keep an OXXO out of there. Please NO OXXO) Lots of vendors setting up on the street early. 
Was glad to see this is still there. Some damage from the water and wind. It says - God bless this home and this land. 
Stopped to look at some of the vendor wares. This dress is amazing it is completely HAND embroidered! Front and back. Took months to finish. We did not ask the price. I'd be afraid to wear it, would frame it to show it off. Most embroidered blouses and dresses now are machine embroidered. 
Heading towards the entrance to the restaurant. More vendors and horses to ride. Last winter the only way into the restaurant was through the front door through the old home. Now the big side doors are open and the house part of the restaurant is closed. Maybe due to hurricane damage. Imagine just a few months ago everything here was under water and mud. 
Colors and more colors every where you look. You have to smile and feel good. 
Inside the restaurant. The cashiers stand. 
The waters and mud flooded this restaurant. See the tree in upper right side of picture. It is laying on its side with the huge branches cut off. The whole big tree that shaded the entire front outside seating of the restaurant came down in the hurricane. The horse and cowboy have been moved to a different area in the restaurant. 
The roof is gone over the second floor area of the restaurant. 
Dora, one of the waitresses we've known for many years. Called to our attention that the tree was gone so there would no longer be iguanas over the tables in the tree. Like the one that pooped on my head years ago. However this guy was on the roof. You can read about the iguana incident by clicking here.  Scroll down to second visit to restaurant. Neither Bill nor I had noticed the huge tree was gone. How could we not notice that. The tree was one of the big features of the place. 

We sat and ordered our breakfast, this is just what they bring you before you get your meal! We both had scrambled eggs and ham. And Mexican coffee. 
Looking around the restaurant.  Painting on the wall behind our table. 
I was walking around, The lady serving Bill is Dora. The other lady is rather new. Dora told Bill about half the staff has been laid off and the rest of them work every other day. Due to Covid and the bridge being out and people not knowing about the detour. While we were there a couple of tour vans of people came in. So hopefully as word gets around and the snowbirds arrive business will pick up again. 
Another look at the upper eating area without its roof. Repairs are being done as fast as they can. 
I'm going to leave the rest of the pictures and day until tomorrow's blog. This one was getting pretty long. As always we enjoyed our day, but didn't too much except eat. Need to go soon again to visit some friends there. 
Will try again to add a YouTube video of driving into town. There is no sound, it is from the dash cam. If you want to view it full screen click here. 

This one was taken as we were leaving. Again no sound. Why no sound? Well when I had the audio on I said a few things that weren't PC - mostly about the traffic. So there for no sound any more. If you want to view it full screen click here

So now we sit and wait. The mechanic showed up right at 9:00 took the mechanism in the doors apart and left. It is now three o'clock and as I write this he came back. I'm beginning to wish I hadn't nagged about the windows in the back seats not working.  
One more post tomorrow about El Quelite. 


Doug and Nancy said...

So happy "WE" got to go to El Quelite for breakfast, we'll pay next time!! I really think you should consider buying a place there and then you don't have to bring the RV anymore. Besides, then we can say we know someone in El Quelite! Hugs and thanks again for the ride!

Kathy Tycho said...

A great tour as usual..they take such pride in their town😊

Carol and Bill said...

Doug and Nancy -The time to buy down here has passed. Though Bill wouldn't mind living here full time! Do like that town.
Kathy - Glad you enjoyed it. They sure do take pride in the town.