Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Out and about Monday

Monday morning had a beautiful sunrise. As did today. Glad I was up both days to see them. This is yesterday. Header picture is today.

You can kind of see the lights Bill has put up. Rafael put the ones up in the tree for us.  
We got out and about for a while yesterday. This is part of the front of the RV park. There are now four rigs here. But one is leaving in a week. 
Heading through the Golden Zone. The road has been repaved and the sidewalks redone. Also new crosswalks for the people. I had seen pictures of this one but still could not believe it. When they first put it in some cars going over it flew off of it. Saw one video where the car was a foot and a half off the ground. And come to find out there are TWO of them. Got to be sure to remember them at night where there is very little traffic. I guess they are for wheel chair or handicap people. Even with the sidewalk, do not have to go down curb. But at corners there are sidewalk ramps. 
The second one, they are close together. 
Drove along the Malecon heading towards the Centro Historico. The bike path here is being painted that's why it looks like water -the paint is wet. About five guys taking care of it. One sweeping, one watching and three with rollers painting. Could not focus camera quick enough to get a picture. Until it got repainted didn't realize how much the paint had faded. 
Since we were here in the spring the yellow line with the half balls has been installed all along the bike path. Keeps the vehicles off of it. 
Our first stop was the watch maker. All Bill's watches going in for their yearly cleaning and TLC. Also he is hoping that the watch maker will be able to get the piece that is needed to fix his favorite watch. We aren't parked on the sidewalk we are actually on a driveway. Even so have to pull in the driver's mirror so cars on the street can get by. 
Then of course as we were in Centro we had to stop at THE BAKERY. Another strange parking job so I stayed in the car - so no pictures. Every one in bakery is well and business is booming. He has expanded and has 12 people working for him. now. Bill did a little shopping. 

Then back through town and a stop at the laundry. One of my favorite parts about winter in Mexico. Getting the laundry done by someone else. 
We watched a little TV last night. We have Dish Anywhere. We go on line here and with the DA app it connects to our TV in our living room at home. Without WIFI we can't watch it. So found out it uses about 3GBs for two hours of TV. The last couple of years with the TelMex cable we had unlimited data. So this year the Internet is better but we'll have to be careful how much TV we watch. 
Today we took a short road trip to have breakfast. More about it tomorrow. 

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