Friday, December 10, 2021

Sights from around town.

Been a different couple of days. On Tuesday the alarm installer came back to work on the possessed alarm. Thought it was fixed. NOT. Still going off when ever it wants to. He is coming back today with new alarm to install and remove the other one. Hope that works. 

The weather has finally changed for the better. Really cool at night and not as much humidity during the ay. In fact yesterday for the first time we went out in the afternoon and roamed around Centro on foot for a while. More on that later. 
I had to send a fax the other day. Been told that Office Depot did faxes. So got there - nope not any more. Try some of the copy/paper goods places. Well we tried a couple. Nope not any more. Used to though. So went on line and discovered I could send a fax using my phone and an APP. Well as I've mentioned before, my phone is smarter than me and apps and I usually don't get along. But had to do something. Installed FaxPlus on phone. Did what I had to do and off went the fax. Except when person received it it wasn't legible. So tried again and IT WORKED. WOW - So that is done and I'm sure if needs by I can do it again. 
So back to the end of our ride the other day. The home they've been working on. Blue with white trim. Looks like there is still a lot of work on the interior that needs to be done. We go by it every time we go to La Antigua to eat. So will keep tract of the work. 
I don't know if the brick work in the windows is new or old. Guess we will see. 
There was one cruise ship in town so a couple of restaurants in the Plazuela Machado were open at lunch time. 

The Christmas tree is decorated. 
A new tea shop open on Constitucion just up from the plaza. 
One of the copy stores we thought might have a fax. Nope, they used to but not any more. I guess cause people can do the sending on their phones now. This is across from the watchmaker. Bill's watch is still in process of getting repaired. Waiting for a part again. 
A whole line of tour busses waiting for the boat tourists. 
It was about noon. Where ever there is a big construction site you'll see a couple women set up with food across the street at lunch time. They bring everything in their cars. Leave when they sell out or lunch time is over. 
I'm still not wanting to cook at night in here - so again we went across the street to eat. Need to stop that as it is getting too expensive. Kind of a nice sunset again. I think that is the ferry heading to Baja. 

Yesterday afternoon we walked around Centro checking out some new restaurants. Interesting. And today we wait for the alarm guy. (He is here now, hope he can fix it.)

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