Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Weird, but now nice weather

The weather outside is delightful, finally. When the humidity is below 60% it is tolerable for me. Nights get pretty cool though. 

Been keeping busy doing cleaning and household chores. Defrosted the freezer, amazing how much better works without all the ice build up. So glad modern freezers at home don't do that any more. I remember we had an ice box at one time, and it was my job to remember to empty the container the ice melted into. Forgot once or twice and water all over the cupboard under the ice box. Dating myself I guess. Found a lot of paper goods i.e. paper plates, zip lock bags, towels that I forgot we had. Moved them into another outside compartment so they are all in the same place when I need them. Also made paella for dinner the day before, leftovers last night. 

But on to more things. Took our neighbors here over to La Antigua for breakfast yesterday morning. For the first time this year this little place was open. It is where we bought our great big ceramic colorful rooster. They do have some beautiful things in there. 

When we got to La Antigua the place where we always park was TAKEN - Oh MY! And so was every other spot along all the streets there. So had to drive around looking for some where to park. Went by a couple of murals I haven't seen before. Only got a quick shot of one of them. I think next time we are in that area there will be some walking involved. 
So we finally ended up parking in the lot that we've used for years. Here is the owner asking Bill why we haven't parked there lately, he's seen us drive right by. Bill told him 'cause he charges more than the other lots around there. But he said, "Only on weekends and holidays" - yah, well. That's when we've been looking for parking. 
I know I've posted these two murals before - they are in the parking lot. But I think they are outstanding works. 
Especially this one. 
Walking to the restaurant. Don't think I've ever notice this pink and blue house. Too bad there is much sun glare. Didn't notice when I took the picture. 
Two beautifully restored building/homes. 
Some wedding cake toppers in the window of Panama Bakery. And the reflection of the building across the street. 
After enjoying our crepes we walked back towards the parking lot via the Plazuela Machado. Like this building and sign. "Here with my love."
One of the rather new restaurant/hotel/art galleries there. The restaurant wasn't open but they let us go in to see it. There is so much to look at in there. Took this mainly for the tile floor. It has no roof but a couple of big trees providing shade. 
Check out this table. Big slab of wood with an insert of glass. Beautiful. 
And a small Koi pond. 

This tree really isn't a tree. After looking at it again - it is made up of pieces of driftwood put together to resemble a tree. 
Back outside. I really didn't mean to take a picture of Bill, he turned around just as I snapped the camera, but I like the picture - so here he is. 
This photo shoot of food is what I was actually taking the picture of. The guy kneeling down has a camera focused on the food. 
Oh, they have just painted the front of this building. Well the bottom half of the front. A new restaurant I think, will have to check it out. 
A new piece of art along the street. Couldn't get any one to stand in front of them. Will try again. 
Another tree growing out of a building. 
Careful, not much room to go by. He is just doing his job. 
Selling a little bit of everything. Just outside of one of the fabric stores in Centro.
Had a visitor yesterday afternoon. Just him, no friends. Last year there were five of them. But he can make a lot of noise just by himself. 
A yellow sunset last night. 
See the drone? It is small enough to place in the palm of ones hand.
Never got any other colors - stayed yellow. Bill took some drone pictures of it so will work with them later and post later or tomorrow. 
Dentist appointment today, and probably just some driving around or running errands like dropping off laundry. 


SandyM said...

Love all of your pictures and that is a great picture of Bill - yes, you needed to include it! Sorry for the Koi that live in that small pond as the water does not look very good - maybe it was the light but….. as always thanks for sharing so much with all of your readers.

Carol and Bill said...

Sandy - I was trying to talk him into letting it grown, still kind of thick and really curly. But when we got home that day he had me cut it. It was driving him crazy he said.