Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Mixture of days

We made it to the end of the Telcel month with 1.9 GB's left. It added this months 100 at midnight. Yes I was up. 

This is just a mixture of places, days and events. Working on it quick before I run out of GB's. (I started this yesterday.) This first picture is from the day we walked around and checked out the restaurants. This sculpture had just been installed a couple of days before. We were wondering why all the work on the buildings on this little street named Malpica. It is right before The Shrimp Bucket. A lot of people are perplexed - what do the Beatles have to do with Mazatlan??? Some are also disgusted as they think the money could have been spent more wisely. Some day we'll stop and I'll get a better picture of the area. 

Some info on it "According to the aforementioned act, the work was manufactured and molded with plasticine, a mold was made in silicone rubber and fiberglass, with reinforcements, with a lost-wax technique, it was melted and made in bronze, with a final finish in platen. It has dimensions of 1.30 meters high, 2.15 meters wide and weighs approximately 320 kilos. The cost of this work is 450 thousand pesos plus VAT, that is, 522 thousand pesos." 

From same article. "Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- With the new monument to The Beatles that cost the City Council 522 thousand pesos, it seeks to attract tourism from all over Europe, since it was a group of musicians worldwide, said the mayor of Mazatlán Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres.

He clarified that it is not his taste, but that the objective is to globalize Mazatlan tourism.

“ We are going to show you what it means, we are counting the opinions of all the people who arrive, of the visits we have, this is not a pleasure for a server, we are seeking to globalize tourism in Mazatlán and think big It’s not small ”, said the“ Mayor ”.

– Wait the English will come?" Hummm...just to see this?

A couple more fancy painted pulmonias, tours of some sort I guess.
And here we are at Panchos on Sabalo for dinner. Surprised it wasn't more crowded. Bill had chicken Caesar salad and I had shrimp salad stuffed avocado. I prefer sitting outside.

A pretty sunrise one morning - don't remember which one it was. The weather is much better the last five or six days. Cooler and a lot less humidity. Nice to be outside. 
Still trying to figure out why the AC is not working - it is working but not the way it should.  
Well the alarm is disconnected - not sure what will happen next. (they are here replacing the alarm today - hope it works this time.)
Guess they are going to add a second floor to the house to the south of us. 
Work continues on these apartment/condo buildings. They are going up pretty fast. The other day all the old trees that were left on their side of the wall were torn up. Including the tall tree that was leaning over the wall.  

Another meal at Panchos - breakfast this time. 
Another construction site in the Golden Zone
Another day, actually it was Sunday, another breakfast. One of the restaurants we visited the other day. 
Special parking for the restaurant in the back, for free.
This cook was busy the whole time we were there. Mostly baking and making sauces and other kinds of mixtures. Fun to watch him.
It was busy on a Sunday morning. But we were sitting kind of away from every one. 
Check out the third item down. I don't think so....
Only a couple of things on the menu that appealed to us. Bill had a ham, cheese, mushroom omelet, roasted potatoes and everything comes with black beans. I had eggs over medium (they were medium but not "over", roasted potatoes, thick cut bacon and of course beans. Actually the beans were pretty good. 
It looked like the floor tile was original, pretty chipped and worn. Might have been a wall here. 
After we were finished eating, shy Bill ended up talking to cook and buying a couple of his special croissants. All baking is done to order. 
Another customized pulmonia. 

Oh come on! It was the Virgin of Guadalupe day and you are walking right past the Cathedral with all the children. Sometimes I wonder. For the 2nd year we didn't stop to see the children. Not too many there and the traffic was terrible. 

Here are a couple of videos the first one from the dash cam. A clueless big tour bus driver was trying to drive right through the busiest part of Centro. By the Cathedral and one block from the central market. We had a front row seat. He did a good job of it though. Didn't hit any thing.  Click here if you want to watch it full screen. It is not too long.

This is from Bill's mighty little drone. Sunset Sunday night. Not a spectacular sunset but nice. The fun part is watching the birds. They were almost too curious. Added music if you want the noise. Click here to watch it full screen. It is about 7 minutes long. Enjoy. 

And that is it for the day. Yesterday we were without the Jeep so took a pulmonia ride. 

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