Saturday, December 4, 2021

Lots of new building going on

Took a day off yesterday, no reason except lazy. You think I'm kidding about the humidity. Right now it is 97% at 8 a.m. Going down to 64% lowest later today. Only about 84 during the afternoon, with a feels like of 90. 

The other day coming back on the Malecon from breakfast I tried to get some picture of the new high rises that are going up. This one is unusual because it is going to be completely black.  

Another very high one. 
And then there is this one. Not so sure I'd want to live there. Unusual design. 
Now this is a building. So glad no one decided to get rid of it. It is undergoing a lot of repair and new restaurants are opening in it. 
This one is right in the middle of the Golden Zone.  I can't find any info on how high they can build, but there are a couple of really tall ones just finished. The highest ones I can get info on are the two tallest ones on the left of the header - they are 28 floors. 
The no water fountain behind it is a new La Mona Pizza restaurant but it isn't open yet. Looks ready but has a tall chicken wire fence around it. Permit problems maybe.
Keeping the center divider looking nice. Sudden jog to the right for traffic. 
Mobile watering system for the plants in the center divider. Building you  can see in background was started a couple of years ago. No work on it last year or this year. 
By the marina. This one looks finished - is it condos or office space. No idea. 
Installing the halo light up and over the bridge. Been working on it for a couple of weeks. 
This is next to where we take our laundry. I like the name. Need to be an old baseball fan to see what I saw. 
Turning out to be a busy day. Bill went to see the WalMart doctor to get some antibiotics cause he has an infected tooth. But doc won't be in till after 2:00. Came home and Eric the RV tech showed up with new tracks for the drawers that the idiot  young RV tech in Arizona broke. And we are waiting for the mechanic to come to put an alarm on the RV doors. Also hopefully a kill switch. 
After all that is done we will go back to WM to get the antibiotics and pick up a few things. I am hoping the have my favorite Hagan Daz (sp) ice cream. I feel the need for ice cream. 


gumo said...

I also was seeking antibiotics this morning for an infected tooth. I used tel-a-doc and got a prescription for amoxicillin. I never used tel-a-doc before but was quick and easy. $5. I hope Bill get his prescription, too, and gets well.

SandyM said...

Thank for your research on number of floors in the higest high rise buildings. I have no need to be up that high!

Hope Bill is feeling better and the tooth ache is gone.

Kathy Tycho said...

They need the halo light so you can see all the holes and broken areas on the sidewalk!😂

Carol and Bill said...

gumo - we have used them at home too, quick and inexpensive and they take our insurance.
Sandy - I'm with you no need to go that high. Someone fell out of a hotel 12th floor the other day. In the Golden Zone. Died of course.
Kathy - Hopefully the light reaches the sidewalk and doesn't just make shadows.