Tuesday, September 28, 2021

One done.

Wow that flu shot knocked both of us down. Took about a day and a half to feel normal again. Never had one bother either of us before. Maybe it is more potent this year or something. Glad we didn't have anything that needed to be done. Good excuse for me to just sit and watch NASCAR.

Yesterday  I finally finished the puzzle. Only five hundred pieces and it took me over a week.  Some days I only found five pieces before giving up! Even the last twenty pieces gave me fits. Many, many of the pieces were the exact same shape so they fit where they didn't belong. And the colors were so close I didn't notice until trying to put pieces next to them. Oh well, that is why I do puzzles - for the challenge and to take up my time. 

I am starting to put the backing on the quilt. According to the TV program I got the idea from it should be easy. Just steam the material to the fusible batting - easy peasy. It just needs a LOT of steam. Well my iron is many, many years old and doesn't steam as well as it used to. So having to push the extra steam button for every square inch. (In fact the extra steam button popped out after an extra hard push.) Also the quilt I did is much bigger than the one they did on TV. So I'm having to move it around on the cutting table. And it is a HOT morning already. I know quit complaining... Once I get the backing stuck to the top (I hope) I'll trim it then either bind it then quilt it or quilt it then bind it. Not sure yet. Another couple of days work. The backing material.

A piece of the backing and a small part of the front of the quilt

Bill is making crepes today. It is our youngest sons birthday so we will take some to him along with a couple of cans of Mexican Dulce de Leche. He is very organized. 

The foil keeps the stove top clean. 
He flips the half cooked crepe, has never dropped or missed one. 

Wow very smoky here today - no walking. 


gumo said...

The Pfizer Covid booster shot knocked me right out of the saddle. Whew! But glad I got it. Great action shot with the flipping!😀

Dirk Digler said...

Greetings…. That Bill! I’m here every few days to see how you are doing. Updates on RV repair? I’ve never done a jigsaw.. but I can feel your frustrations! Happy you are feeling better. Dirk

Bill and Carol said...

gumo - Booster didn't really bother us, just sleepy for a day. Glad we are all done with shots for this year.
Dirk - good to see you again. RV is still at dealership waiting for parts.
We are both doing fine, but glad all shots are done. I do puzzles to relax me - this one didn't.