Monday, October 4, 2021

Nothing exciting to write about.

I was going to start this blog on National Sons Day, but as you can see I have missed the day by quite a bit. But still will post picture of all of our sons. In order oldest on left, youngest on right. This was many, many years ago.

The park trims our palm tree all the time. See the mans knee - below the knee the trunk is black from a fire that happened long before we moved in. Above the arrow is the new growth. 
I've been trying to get out walking every morning, doing from 2.5 to a little over 3 miles a morning. Finally the weather has cooled off enough to get out and enjoy it after the sun comes up. My FitBit quit working so have to get a new one.

The sun rising one morning when we had a lot of smoke from the California fires.  Thank goodness the winds have changed direction. Nice blue sky today, with some clouds. 

Bought a loaf of bread that cost me four dollars the other day - Sara Lee Whole Wheat White and these were the pieces in the middle of the loaf. I want some of my money back!

Seeing a lot of the homes here decorated for Halloween. 
This guy has a mask on...I think it might be too late for him. 
I have finally finished the quilt. The label is not that crooked, just the way the picture took. 
Spent the weekend watching the NASCAR Talladaga races - more like destruction derbys. Do not like them at all. What a waste of the car owners money. 


Jackie McGuinness said...

I hate that song Talladaga!

SandyM said...

Good luck getting some of your money back for the holes in your bread…made me giggle. So nice to have that photo of your boys and they all look so handsome. Thank you for sharing.

Carol and Bill said...

Jackie - I hate the race.
Sandy - for the price of the bread I should get a refund. The boys were so young then.