Monday, October 18, 2021

A little progress today.

 We had a short travel day today. We left Quartzsite after fueling up at 10:45. And pulled into the Sonoran Desert RV Park in Gila Bend around 1:30. 132 miles. This is a really, really nice RV Park out in the middle of the desert. Huge spaces 100' x 55'  very level, cable TV, fast WiFi and views forever. Set up for Snowbirds with lots of extras that of course we aren't using. $49.95 a night. 

We were a little later leaving Quartzsite then we planned. Stopped at the Flying J there to get gas. Only a couple of gasoline lanes open that we'd fit into. When we got there there was a pickup truck with a trailer with two cars on it getting gas. Pulled in behind him - of course we were in the driveway but mostly out of the way. We waited, and waited and waited for him to pull away. I finally got out to see what the hold up was. No one was in or around truck. We were committed to that lane. About eight minutes later driver comes strolling out of Subway with his half eaten sandwich and drink and calmly walks up to truck gets in and drives away. One of my pet peeves is people who finish fueling their vehicles and then go get something to eat or go shopping. MOVE YOUR DARN VEHICLE!  I know sometimes they have to go inside to pay. Here it wasn't necessary to go inside to pay.  

It is a pretty drive across the I-10 - love the desert scenery.

However - about a half hour into the drive the wind started to pick up. And pick ! It was shaking and moving us around a good bit. Takes a pretty good breeze to blow that big of a flag out almost straight. 
We were both glad we weren't going and further. Usually we go all the way to Amado but that is getting to be a long trip for us. Especially with the wind. So we got settled in, took a nap and ate left over pizza. Wind is continuing to blow. 
And that is it for the day.


Nancy Kissack said...

I agree 100% on the people who don't move their vehicles. No common sense those people.

Kathy Tycho said...

Big pet peeve for us too..move your vehicle when you've fueled up..😡 safe travels!

Grandma on the Road said...

Love to read about your travels, so keep on posting!! And ditto on the people with cars who like to park in the RV spots so that we in RVs have no place to park at places like fast food restaurants or attractions!!


Carol and Bill said...

Nancy, Kathy, Judy - sometimes you have to wonder what people are thinking or not. As soon as I get my new laptop up and running and have more exciting days I'll do a real blog.