Monday, October 11, 2021

Trip through the wetlands.

 We are getting a real cold and windy weather system coming through Vegas today  and tomorrow. Weatherman said winds would pick up about 11 a.m. - Yep right on time. Heard the screen door banging and looked out window. The winds are here. Only supposed to reach high 60's today. Bill is freezing! Wind gusts might reach up into high 60 mph. Guess better remember to get trash cans in as soon as they are emptied. And there is more lasting snow predicted for the mountains. 

I went out walking this morning got in 7,035 steps in one hour. So almost three miles so far today. Wearing my new shoes, not sure if I like them. Too bad now. Okay for short walks I guess. 

Bill and I took a walk the other afternoon in the wild wetlands behind where we live. Just some pictures from there. Hard to believe it is the Vegas desert. This one is actually from my walk this morning. Nice blue sky and no wind yet. 

The parks department is building a new playground in the wetlands. It is supposed to have interactive displays - one will be a huge birds nest kids can get into. Doing a lot of work. 

Just looking across the desert. 
He could care less we stopped to look at him. 
One of the many ponds. Lots and lots of water plants in it now. 
It is such a nice area to walk in. Very seldom see any one else. 
Another local who didn't care we were there. 
Some kinds of plant was blooming. Pretty color. 
Just the plants and the sky.
An area where the water had dried up. 
Another pond. Lots of water in them this time.
It was a really nice walk, we always wonder why we don't go there more often. 

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