Saturday, October 9, 2021

Walking around

 We've been having some strange weather lately. Quite cool with even cooler weather coming this week. Might even get snow on the mountain!. Started out walking yesterday and ended up stopping early because of rain. Rained off and on all morning. 

I got some new shoes for walking. Got them at Costco  - Sketchers. Wanted to try them on before buying them. Could not get the laces untied! Some nice lady came up behind me and said, "Honey, that bow is for looks only, it doesn't untie. They are slip ons." Good thing she told me before I tore the darn bow off. So tried them on and got a couple of pair. They are very comfortable. Some more Halloween decorations around the park. This house decorates for every holiday. 
So does this one. 
Then we saw this...Kind of made us stop in our tracks. Don't remember ever seeing it before. Almost looks real!
The mountains behind us during sunset on day. Sure look pretty. 

The quilt is completely done. Hope I remember to take it with us. 
Have no projects going, so doing a lot of reading. Thinking about starting a puzzle just for something to do. 
Sunset the other night after the rain. The colors were nicer then showing here. A little more red then photo.
Heard from dealer, still waiting for a couple of parts to finish repairs. I really want to clean it good when we get it back. Get all the cooties out from the thieves. And make sure nothing else is missing or not working. 
Two NASCAR races this weekend and a soccer game to keep us amused for a little bit. 


Kathy Tycho said...

A day in your life..very nice and I love the sunsets. Rainy and cool here as I crawl around slashing down the garden to put it to bed. Three weeks till we're on the plane to Maz!

Carol and Bill said...

Hope to see you there. They are getting more rain and winds there from another storm. Hope it doesn't do any more damage.