Sunday, October 17, 2021

Some fun sights in Quartzsite.

We had a quiet and calming day here in Quartzsite. I haven't taken a picture of this marker in a long time so thought I'd include one today. Seems like the camel has become more and more important to the town. 

Most of the RV parks have very few people in them. But then again we are here earlier than usual this year. But every one we talked to were so happy the US/Canada will be open soon and those snowbirds will be hopefully returning this winter. 

Just a picture of the landscape and pretty sky.

We were surprised to find this huge electric vehicle charging station at the west end of the town. There were a couple of cars there getting charged. The picture is of a very small portion of it. 
A pretty metal work camel for sale. 
A couple more in the same metal working yard. 
Then we pulled over to check this out. The Quartzsite Camels. 
Hum...something to do...hunting for camels in Quartzsite.  Check out her lips!
Another view of her. 
And in the same place we found Le Mac.
Oh my gosh, do you suppose he is being kidnapped? Or maybe just to a new home. 
Passing this old gas station I spotted some old cars behind it. So we had to go check them out. 
A couple beauties here. Wonder if they are for sale? Or just wasting away here.

Wouldn't it be great to drive around in him?
Then we went home so I could be upset by not being able to watch the race. I managed to find it being broadcast on the radio and the leaderboard on NASCAR. So kind of listened to it. Not very satisfying. would have loved to watch the last stage, caution after caution. At least my driver is above the cut line, but still two more races to go before the final four. 
Then we went for another ride to hunt more camels. This one is right next door to the RV park and I think the best one. Lots of work to make it. 
A closer look at art of him. 

Driving around looking for more and we found another one. Not a real good picture but found him. 
Then we went looking for the Hi Jolly Monument. Forgot it was part of the cemetery. 
The monument.
Why  there is a monument. 

And yet another camel. By the "Fresh Jerky" store. So glad the jerky is fresh.
Hum...? A joke or real? 
Every year thaa
Every time that we pass through here - after we leave I think "We should have gone to Silly Al's for Pizza." Well this time we did. Very good pizza. 
Inside. They were very busy and we were kind of surprised to see no one wearing a mask. We had ours on and got some strange looks. Oh well. We ordered take out.
And that was how we spent our day in Quartzsite. On the road again tomorrow, but it will be a shorter trip. 

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