Sunday, October 24, 2021

KM 21 out of Nogales

 Continuing our trip to KM 21. As you continue on down the highway eventually you will see this off ramp. When you see it you are very close to KM21 – Do not go up the ramp continue on the highway.

You will also see two or three very high towers another indication you are very close to where you turn off to the right to KM 21 Slow down.
KM 21 turn off (sorry about the bugs on the windshield) See the big sign white on the bottom, blue on the top. Very hard to read. The turn off is right in front of the sign. It is not paved. It does not look like you would turn off there, but you do - don't miss it. 

A better look at it. You turn off on the gravel or the little bit of pavement. Go really slow it is a very rough section. Lots of big holes  and rough spots to watch out for.

Pull into the parking lot. There is lots of parking for RVs.

You will need your passports and copies of them. The original registration and copy for any vehicle you are going to get permits for. Also the drivers license and a copy of it for the person whose name is going to be on the permit.

Your first stop is in this little building. Only a few people are allowed in at a time. So you might have to stand in a line outside. Once you are inside you will show your passport and fill out the information for your tourist card. 
When your card information is filled in the clerk will give your passport and the card back to you and you will exit the building out the side door. If you need any copies made they will do it here for you. Very inexpensive.
Then you will go to the Banjercito to pay for your Tourist card and get the paperwork for your vehicle or vehicles. The guard will have you stand on the top step and you must remove your hat to have a picture taken. Only one person will be allowed to go to the window with all the paper work. The one whose name will be on the vehicles paperwork. We use a credit card (the credit card must also be in that persons name) for everything. When we come home and turn in the paper work we always get our deposit for the car back on our card within two or three days.  The tourists cards were US$32.00  The 2005 Jeep was US$364. We already have a 10 year permit for the RV.  After you get all your paper work done you have to return to the first building to get everything stamped and then you are done. 

We were there for about an hour and fifteen minutes, mostly due to the wait to get into the building to get our tourist cards. We wore our masks as do the clerks. Hand sanitizer is available. 

A short video of the road just before and into KM21 Hope this helps. When we get into Mexico in a few days I will continue commenting on the roads and tolls and any other interesting things. 

Going to post this now as my MiFi is about to blow up. Its battery is swollen so bad it popped the cover off. Also we are expecting the RV tech in about 1/2 hour to check out the water heater.  I guess this is one of those trips that if it can happen it will. I post as long as I have the MiFi. Then will have to wait until we get to San Carlos in Mexico to catch up. 
The post below this is crossing the US border to KM 21. 


Mark said...

I hope the breakage stops for you. It's always something isn't it... I am jealous that you will be in Mexico and I'm not.... Sad Face..

Beach Bound Bengals said...

Thank you so much for documenting all this Carol. This will be our first year driving down and your posts and videos are invaluable. Safe travels to you and Bill.

Doug and Nancy said...

Thanks, as always, Carol for the great information!

Carol and Bill said...

Mark - well now it is our internet mifi - will try to get a new one today so will have it when we come back. can't use it in Mexico but great for the states. In fact if we can't get our old Mexican MiFi fixed we will have to buy a new one of them too. Ugh.
Beach Bound Bengals - Hope these answer some of your questions. Small things will be different for each person but tried to get the major things written about. Just be careful and watch for those darn topes.
Doug and Nancy - sure wish you were coming this year. Probably our last year going down, Bill just turned 85...not looking forward to the long driving days in Mexico. Our behinds get crabby after a hundred or so miles.