Monday, October 25, 2021

Good News mostly

I am going to write this post early as my MiFi Verizon Jetpack has a serious problem and might go up in smoke at any time. The battery is swollen so much it popped the back of the MiFi off. Right now it is still working and charged but it is sitting outside in the gravel - just in case. Will go buy a new one, if the stores in this area have one, later this afternoon. (they did)

Yesterday I heard pops outside and went out to check to see if it had blown up. But then saw lots of smoke coming from the direction of the highway. A car was on fire what I heard was the first tire blowing up. I hope every one got out. Don't know any more than that about it. 

We were out shopping the other day and I saw this neat javelin all gussied up. There are a lot of these colorful statues around the state. 

Thought this was a funny sign. Just off the road way leading to the campground. I wonder what it is about. Good advice though.
Well we got a second opinion on the water heater. Now I'm glad the first mobile RV people were going on vacation and couldn't finish the job. According to them we had to buy and install a whole new water heater. NOT SO
We called Alarie Mobile RV Service out of Tucson. Any of you who travel in this area their phone number is 520-220-7829. We have used them before for our generator a couple of years ago. Excellent service. Really knows his business. And he came out on Sunday... 
He too had to work through the vent holes. Wasn't long before he found the problem. A sensor had come loose.  It just had to be reattached and problem was fixed. Well it was more complicated than that and took a while to get fixed. But we did not need a new water heater. David is very knowledgeable and his prices are great. 
Thank you David. 
Tomorrow morning we leave and head to San Carlos, Mexico. Will take pictures and make comments on the road. 
Today we'll make one last grocery trip and go to Verizon. 
Managed to watch the NASCAR race yesterday, parts of it anyway. My favorite driver lucked out and made it above the cut line by 1 point. Doesn't mean much though as there is one more race that he has to do well in to make it to the final championship deciding race. 
Well...have new Verizon MiFi, so good to go when we get home next Spring and probably for years to come. Also picked up some last minute groceries. Now if I could just figure out where to put them. 
Next post should be from San Carlos, MX of us eating fish and chips on the beach. 


Anonymous said...

So glad to hear your hot water heater issues have been sorted out. Your posts on crossing the border and getting into KM 21 to get paper work done will be very helpful to any traveling that way who needs a refresher. Will look forward to posts from the road and after you get to Mazatlan, too.

SandyM said...

Also wishing you traveling mercies all the way to Mazatlan!

Kathy Tycho said...

Onward...viaje seguro!