Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Continue to plod along on hobbies.

It has finally cooled down here enough to get out and walk in the morning after it gets light out. So put on my shoes and out I went. I did wait a little too long before getting started as the sun was full up. First time walking walking in a long time so took it easy. Made about 2 1/4 miles in 40 minutes. I feel it now. I think I might need new shoes. Going to try to keep up with the walking. We'll see.  One of the neighbors roses were blooming. 

Heard some honking and looked up in time to catch some geese flying by. They look like a wire or string between the palm tree and the light post. Guess they overnight in the wetlands. 

 Speaking of walking. Bill called his brother who is 92 the other day and he wasn't home. He was out on his DAILY FIVE mile walk! Keeps him young.  Don't think I'll ever get up to that. 

I had another encounter with technology and it almost won. We got some light timers. Very simple ones. Four steps in directions. Took me about five times to get one working. Guess you should read all the instructions, not just part of them. Working now.

I continue to plod along on the puzzle. I make myself sit there until I find at least five pieces. Have never had a puzzle take me this many days to do, not a five hundred piece one anyway. Just was working on it and found eleven pieces. Quit while I was ahead. 

Also making good time on my quilt. I have the top finished, except for sewing the four lines of big squares together. Then need the backing, binding and do the quilting. It is 60 x 80 so quilting it will be a challenge. Have to go to JoAnns to get some backing material. All the rest of it I had. The design is strange. The diamond shapes are NOT supposed to be perfect. Gives it a different look. 

He comes by every afternoon now. Funny looking bird. But I like to watch him running around. 
About it for now. The last few weeks seem to have flown by. 


Kathy Tycho said...

I haven't been walking daily and I know I'll hurt when I start! Since the US still won't let us drive I'm booking flights to Mazatlan at the end of Octoberas we cant wait for October 21st to see if it opens because then the flight prices will go way up..not happy but what can you do. Looks like Sinaloa is back in the green for Covid so that's good. By the way I love your large font..so easy to read😊

Carol and Bill said...

Kathy - I can't believe our ****** government didn't open the Canadian side of the border. Thousands of people are crossing the southern border every day every where. And it has never been closed no matter what they say.