Monday, January 18, 2021


Bill has been having some stomach problems lately, not serious but uncomfortable. So last night I fixed a pretty bland casserole. Pasta, chicken, peas, little onion and garlic, very little, and flour for thickening. And Ritz crushed cracker topping. About 1/2 hour after eating, his tummy was pissed. So we got talking. When he had a roll for breakfast, about 1/2 hour later upset. Talking back over the last week or so every time it is upset it seems to be after having bread or pasta or something containing flour of some sort. Oh, oh.  So now we are going to be careful about gluten - just a guess on our part - no doctor info. Breads are one of his favorite go to foods. Going to be hard. So yesterday we trolled the couple big markets here to see what we could find without gluten. Was interesting. 

We did find a few things at Soriana - the old Mega. Nothing at WalMart. Corn Flakes, cookies, flour and some pasta. I think I need to check the pasta in the light blue bag, may not be gluten free. Don't know why I picked it up. Oh well.

Before we went shopping we took a drive along the Malecon. These are pictures of some new buildings that will be built soon. I was trying to get pictures of the billboards of what they will look like. I missed two more. Will really change the skyline.

The buildings will not be leaning, just my photos of them are. 

The mechanic is coming today. Change the fluid in the transmission and see about putting new rear shocks on the Jeep. The ones on it are 15 hard years old. All work is done. Mechanic coming back Wednesday to put front shocks on.

Was a pretty sunny day. There is another RV here, a truck and trailer from the states. 


Jackie McGuinness said...

The light blue is fine, made with rice. Use cornstarch to thicken, called arrowroot in Mexico.

gumo said...

It might be worth getting a doctors opinion on bill's issue, especially since your Vegas doctor is still in limbo.

I'll bet some of your trusted amigos there can suggest a trusted physician. Just a thought. Retirement should be fun, not painful.😊

Kathy Tycho said...

I think a chat with a doctor would be a good idea. Might just be a stomach bug. Pepto for a few days calms my guts. Eric swears by the lime juice in his beer but his saving grace was Rifaxamina. It is used for travellers diarrhea here and cleared up a 20 year stomach problem for Eric.

Carol and Bill said...

Jackie - can't find corn starch here any more, maybe in different stores. Tried a bread - oh my!
Gumo - if he doesn't continue to feel better - which he is every day, we will go to a doc here. But so far so good.
Kathy - holding off on doc. Pepto didn't help, antibiotics from doc didn't help, but no gluten seems to be working. But will be harder to cook now. Did you get that drug here in Maz, need a prescription?