Monday, January 11, 2021


 After being bored out of our gourds for three days we HAD to get out of the RV.   This map is our entire trip. 

We met Mark at the restaurant at Torres for breakfast before our ride. The pool just looked so serene. The sun was bright and no wind. A great day for a road trip.
Took the toll road to the old highway 40 that goes to Durango. Our first stop was at the little town of Malpica. For some really neat information about Malpica click here. 666 people live there. 
We have been here many, many times in the past. But this time was a little different as we didn't stop there. Just drove through as you'll see on the video. 
I forgot to take a picture of the arch as we entered into town. Some of the colorful homes and neat street lights.
They had the same Christmas decorations up on the roof last year. 
Another front only paint job. And just realized there are no windows. But there is a satellite dish on the roof. 
This house used to be a different color. 
Enjoying the fresh air and sun. 
What a surprise. The whole plaza and gazebo are gone. I wonder why...
Across the street the white iron benches wait to be used again. 
There is the bakery we always stop at. 
Its been around a long time. Generation to generation. A whole lot of people have enjoyed her baked goods. We did not park to go in. 
But we did stop which brought the baker to the door. She said she had already run out of baked goods for the day. And no one is allowed to come in anymore. You order and she will bring the goods to you.  The white sign by the door says you must wear a mask. We also asked about her family. They are all well and have had no problems health wise. Thank goodness. Also for those of you who have followed this blog know we always visit with the tile maker. He and his family are also doing fine. If you want to read about the bakery and tile man just use the search function for Malpica. 
Pretty fancy home. Looks like they will soon have a second floor. 
Part of this home is tile. I didn't notice the shadow of the gate when I took the picture. 
This home was recently painted too. 
Just more homes we passed on the way out of town.
Back on the highway we passed this group. Glad they were going the other way. Narrow two lane curvy road - it isn't fun to get behind a bunch of bikes. There were about ten cars and trucks behind them already. 
Some of the hand made wooden furniture stores were open and waiting for customers. 
We took a little detour to go see the laundry ladies. This truck is carrying a water tank for the roof of a home. 
There were only two ladies doing laundry, guess most stay home on Sundays. These are natural hot water pools the government made into laundry facilities. 
The memorial is almost as big as the home. 

A pickup selling plants for the yard. The ladies were picking out some nice ones. 
Another home getting a second floor. They will not finish it until they have bought all the materials needed. 
Some dash cam video of driving through Malpica. 

Click here to view full screen. 


Doug and Nancy said...

Lovely pictures Carol!! I really love the new header picture to. Have an awesome day!!

SandyM said...

Well.....Doug and Nancy said exactly what I was going to say! Thank you for sharing your photos.

Carol and Bill said...

Doug and Nancy and Sandy. Thanks. That picture just said = small town Mexico to me. Love it oo.