Saturday, January 2, 2021

Typical and unusual sights on New Years Day

 New Years Day we made a strange decision. We decided to go out to eat - but it was already 11:30. Needless to say the restaurant we went to was too full for us to even want to get a table. So we got back in the car and took a ride. We figured we would just turn around and go home when the traffic got bad. Much to our surprise there was NO traffic. Guess everybody was either on their way out of town or still in bed recuperating from New Years Eve. 

A typical sight on the Malecon. Musicians waiting for someone to hire them. 
A line up at a popular restaurant on the beach. Always a crowd there. And usually loud music. 
Another newer high-rise, the new bike path and a vendor heading to work. Still no traffic. 
Like the bright red house. This is a neat street, need to take a walk or drive down it. 
The new parking garage right downtown. It got painted, it is three different colors, beige, white and pale green. Also nice windows put in on street level
The entrance, with plumas {barriers} and all. 
The back side of it. At least it kind of blends in to the neighborhood. New tile sidewalks. the painting is still being done. 
And big surprise - the street on the west side of the central market is finally done - until next time they tare it up. 
Still no traffic. Don't think I've ever seen the central market without susses stopped in front of it. It looks like it is closed too. 
A typical corner store. 
Heading towards the Malecon. Look at the wires stretched across the street. 
Some traffic beginning to show The new center divider. More and more high rises along here. 
Lots and lots of cross country tour buses where ever there is room to park. 
I just like the colors of this building, They paint it about every three years, different combinations of colors. 
Lots of people out now. On our way home. Never did stop to eat. 
Nice drive and a good start to a New Year. Enjoy every day and keep safe. 

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Kathy Tycho said...

Now I have WiFi I can enjoy your beautiful pictures on a larger screen.