Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Willie the jeep is 63 human years old!

Hum,He is almost 64 years old. I guess it is okay that some of his parts are having problems.  How do I know how many human years old he is? 

Well the Internet told me of course.  "There is a website that said to calculate the age of your car in human years, you just take the mileage of the car and divide it by the year of your car. " So... 127,936 / 2005 = 63.8!

Guess we can't begrudge him new shocks. At 64 my feet and knees were bothering me.

My car at home is 40 human years old. 80000/1998= 40. Just a spring chicken.

So here is the car doctor setting up to put new front shocks on poor old Willie the Jeep. The mechanic is the one by the gray car. That is his wife talking to Bill. She always go with him to his jobs. [the RV in background is one of the ones with mechanical problems.]

Mechanic has two helpers. He supervises. A whole lot of parts coming off. 
No idea what that is, but looks important. 
Even more parts. Some serious studying going on there. 
So now the Jeep has new shocks front and rear. Good to go for another 63 years. 
Last night for dinner I fixed stuffed baked eggplant, yummy and chicken breasts with Italian seasoning cooked in lime juice. Pretty good. I cook and Bill does the cleaning up. Works for me. 
This morning we went out for a little ride. Just to get out of the RV for  a while. 
Seriously - would you live in this building. Not only is it so skinny it looks like it would blow over with a big wind. They cut a chunk out of the middle! It is like one room wide...
It would be nice if they warned you the lane was closed before you drove up on a worker. Maintenance on the plants in the center divider. 
Fresh lobsters for sale.  Just enjoying the sun.
What more do you need, sunshine, a place to sit and beautiful scenery. 
See a lot of dog walkers out and about. Notice the building in the background - they like buildings with the centers cut out. 
The area where the cliff divers usually are. Used to be full of vendors on the sidewalk and in the street. Only one here today and no divers. No where to park to watch any more either. 
Bills favorite watch quit working yesterday, trip to watch maker today. Kind of parked almost off the street. 
Like I said almost. Had to pull in our driver's side mirror for a big SUV to go by. They had to pull their passenger side one in also. 
Glad we weren't in a hurry. Waiting for a food delivery to a restaurant. 
Another dog walker. Good thing the dogs are well behaved. 
Heading home. 
It was about 11:00 - very little traffic during days when no tourists here. This coming weekend is a three day weekend. Celebrating Constitution Day. So town will be full of cars again. 

So how old is your car? 


Ruth's Life is Good said...

Everything we own is old🤣🤣 Good thing that we take care of them.

Truck 145000 / 2004= 72
Car 101000 / 2014 = 50
Motorhome 133000 / 1996 = 66

Doug and Nancy said...

Well, according to your info our motorhome is only about 24 years old - just a kid!!!