Sunday, January 3, 2021

Walk About

Took a walk about yesterday. I do need to get out and keep moving. Sitting here or in the car all day every day is taking its toll on my mind and body. So here are some pictures from my mile and quarter walk. Started out here in the RV park. Why did I take a picture of the big wall between us and the houses. Partly because I'd forgotten why the wall is so high. The ground in under the homes used to be level with the ground in the RV park. Remember the year of construction...The truck loads, truck loads and truck loads of dirt that were brought in. The ground the houses are built on now begins at the top of the cement part of the wall. I tried to reach the top of the cement - even on tip toes and stretching as much as I could I couldn't reach the seam between the cement and blocks. 

Give a better idea of how much dirt was brought in all the way around the RV park. The cement is a retaining wall for all the dirt. 
Some flower pots at the back of an RV site waiting for their owners to come back and put new flowers in them. Not this year, hopefully next year. 
Up front of the park the leaf cutter ants are hard at work. Luckily none in the back where we are. 
They have been busy the trail they follow is about two inches wide. 
This group was using an Internet cable to make their trip easier. 
One of the bougainvillea they are stripping leaves from.
Looking from the front to the back of the front section of the RV park.  So sad. Still only three of us in here.
One of the big old trees growing in the center divider. 
Sorry - why did they make this building shades of blue. Ugly. 
Another project that got started and never finished. Neither of the buildings in the picture belong to this arch. I took the picture through a fence. 
Another part of same project.   
Yes there are pay phones here. See them all over. 
Sitting out front cooling off. Giving me the stink eye cause I wasn't feeding him.  Their eyes remind me of a bulls eye on a target. He is a chakalaka Last year there were three of them, this year five. Two look a little smaller so maybe youngsters. 
Our trip for the day was to WalMart - remembered our bags. I sure miss the baggers at the grocery stores. I had a minor meltdown the other day after bagging the groceries. The checkers are quick and the groceries really pile up when I'm trying to bag them. I know stupid thing to get upset over, but guess it was the final straw. Good thing I don't have to do that for a living. And the cloth bags sure don't cooperate and stay open. 
Then we went to pick up our laundry which was not quite ready. Come back in an hour. Went back and they were closed. TIM. This Is Mexico. 
Cooked a good dinner last night. Chicken breast, garlic and herb noodles, eggplant and asparagus. YUM. 

Dish TV is still acting up. Never know what channels we will be able to view. 

I think the cold front has moved through so the weather will be a little warmer again. Still getting pretty cool at night though. 

Our friend, Mark from Canada, arrived last night. He is in condo right across the street. But won't see him for a few days. Not after being on a plane with a bunch of other people. Have talked to him on phone though. He can call us with the condo's landline but when I call him the phone doesn't ring...


Grandma on the Road said...

About 20 degrees warmer each day than here is the LV area. I am in Valley of Fire, but temps are the same here as in LV. Bill would freeze here!! Brrrr.

Carl said...

Thanks for the park photos. Is Rafael ? still working there? Do you think the park will be around this fall or will Filipe sell out. We sure miss that place. Hopefully this fall.

Carol and Bill said...

Judy - It has been years since we've been there. Need to go next time we are home.
Carl -Rafael is still working here, but most days he sends time at Filipes other homes. No talk about selling park. Hopefully things open up by fall.