Thursday, January 28, 2021

Painting the Jeep

Yesterday after our short ride we came home and spent the rest of the day there. The Jeep needed emergency mechanical care. On the way home we called Pablo the mechanic and he said he'd be right over. 

The problem was suddenly the Jeep overheated BIG TIME. So diagnosis - needed a new thermostat. All is now fine but I don't have any thing to write about. So thought I'd go back and share the painting of the hood of the Jeep. It took two blogs. This was December of 2016.

This is the first one. The beginning of the blog is about something else so just read or scroll down to the painting. 

"Thursday we spent at home. The artist has come to paint Willie. It will be a couple of day project. Willie being checked out by Gilberto the artist. The bra is off."

Click here to read and see the pictures of the Jeep getting the hood painted. This is day 1. 

Gilberto the artist looking over his blank canvas. 

The second day is here. "Friday morning bright and early 7:30 Gilberto the artist was here. All of his equipment in his back pack. Here he is working on the flames [I wanted flames - I have always wanted flames on a car] He has made some templets that he uses. "

Click here to read about the day 2 of painting the Jeep. Lots of pictures. 

He did the flag the first day, now he is adding the flames and skulls. 

Today we picked up our laundry and that was about it. 

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