Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Copala Part 2

And even more about Copala. Tired of it yet? 

The church was built in 1748, If you really look at the pictures you'll notice differences in its building. Some of the stones are irregular, some have been shaped into rectangles. Bill took a good video of the church with the drone that really shows that off. I was walking around the church taking pictures from front to back.

This really shows the difference. The front column has shaped stones, the side of the church and the extra area in the back have really irregular stones. 
Whatever fit together. 
This is taken in the back of the church. 
Up the other side looking at the tower with the bells. 
A closer look at the tower and bells. A lot of intricate work there. Imagine building this in the 1700's!
All the doors were closed to the public. More fancy work around the door. 
Too bad part of it is falling apart. 
See the gap on the top of the right side. Where a large chunk of trim is missing. 
Here it is. Glad I wasn't around when it came down. 
More pieces that have fallen  off. Look at the trim around the window like area. And how irregular the stones on the side are. 
The intricate work around the bells 
Back out front. He is on the upper right roof.
"One of Copala’s most famous myths takes place at the San José temple, where there is a miner-shaped figure just above the entrance to the enclosure, if a bride about to enter the Altar is spat at by the figure, he wants to say that she is not a lady (virgin) so he gives her away in front of the boyfriend."
This is what that is talking about. He leans out from the church looking down at the entrance door. 

Right below the arrow you can just see him.  
Bill and Mark playing with the drone. I mention the different construction of the church because in one of Bill's videos he really gets good pictures of the church and the difference really shows up.
This video takes up where the first one [last post] left off. Move views of the homes in the trees. Then some really neat views of the church. I paused it several times while looking at it to really see the construction of the church. No sound. Click here to view in full screen. 

This tree was blooming in the little Plaza. 
One of its pretty flowers.
Looking at the front of Alejandro's restaurant. It has a patio between the front and back sections. 
Waling up the cobblestone street between the restaurant and Alejandro's art gallery. 
The flower covered home at the top of the street. 
Looking back at the church. It was hard walking on the uneven cobblestones that make up the street. Especially in sandals. 
The little Plaza with its gazebo and benches. 
This was posted on the building that used to be the souvenir shop. There is a 2,606.40 peso fine if you are outside without a mask! That is around U.S. $ 130.00!
An old stone bench. Such beautiful work. 
When we first started coming here this mural was new. Now it needs a lot of TLC.
While is flying the drone I tend to wander around. Past Alexandro's restaurant up the cobblestone road. 
Looking down the main street. A school is on the right. 
Looking into the school yard. 
A very pretty house up the street. If I remember correctly it is or used to be called The House of the Colors. 
Walking back down the road. Look at how uneven the cobblestones are. Hard to walk on unless you are paying attention. 
This is a small market. The boys were watching the drone. 
I could have used his walking stick. The red building is Alejandro's art gallery. 
Bill talking to Alejandro. Leather masks on the wall behind them. 
Heading towards the market. 
And here is the third drone video.  Pause it and really look at the cobblestone street. Can you imagine doing that job. One by one. Choosing and setting rocks.  Click here to view in full screen.  

And we are on our way home. Hope you enjoyed our trip to Copala. Looking up another narrow side street. 
Again the main street. 

We go out a different way then we come in. This is a VERY narrow - hope you don't meet another vehicle - street.

And soon we were on the highway heading back towards Mazatlan. But we did drive through another small town named Concordia. Will post about it later. Should I add dash cam video? 


Carl said...

Thanks for the Copala pics and drone vids .We were up there about 30 years ago and didn't take any pictures????? Brings back memories.

I bought a jar of honey that was hands down the best honey I had ever bought anywhere.

You make a very good tour guide. I always say that I don't need pictures because I have memories. Well, in this case it took your pictures to bring back my memories. Thanks Carroll and Bill.

SandyM said...

So enjoyed the photos, videos and your knowledge of the area. Yes, those cobble stones are very rough to walk on in sandals if the soles are thin. Sadly we have not visited there but use to love visiting Concordia and had a favorite “street restaurant” which was actually on the main. highway at that time. Good memories and thank you for sharing.

Carol and Bill said...

Carl - glad the pictures brought back memories.
Sandy - nice to hear that you enjoy the pictures etc. It is always fun sharing things we do and see.

Kathy Tycho said...

Always enjoy Copala. Those cobblestones are murder on the motorcycle. Such a poor little town with not enough money to repair the beautiful old church.
Always enjoy lunch at Alejandro's and my friend Trudy bought me one of his masks as a present last year. Look forward to going there next season.