Sunday, January 17, 2021

Long days staying at home.

 Nothing to write about. We've not done anything for a few days. Except to to grocery store. 

I take that back, on Thursday we took a drive to El Quelite but didn't even get out of the car there were so many people there. We just got too late of a start. Just a couple of pictures from there. The flowers along the road going in. 

Some of the colorful homes. 
The great different cacti.
We drove along side him her for a while

The days are nice but by 5:30 it is really cooling down. Enough that we aren't going any where in the evenings. Some forecasts have a bigger chance of rain on Wednesday and Thursday. But looks like it will be a cloudy but warmer week. 

Going to have to figure out something to do to keep amused. We do have a cribbage board, but neither one of us can remember how to play. 

Tomorrow the mechanic is coming to check and/or change the rear shocks on the Jeep. And change the transmission fluid in the RV. 

Exciting times.


gumo said...

You Tube can show you how to play cribbage.

Kathy Tycho said...

It is cool..we've had the heat on morning and evening for the last couple of weeks. Quiet days but better than home.

Carol and Bill said...

Might try YouTube for the cribbage. We used to play all the time.
I agree, a lot better here then in Vegas. Bill is cold here so have the furnace on from evening till morning.