Thursday, January 14, 2021

Driving through Concordia

On the way home from Copala we went into the town of Concordia thinking to get out and walk around the plaza and church some. But it was Sunday and there were way too many people out and about to feel good about getting out. So I snapped some pictures and got the dash cam video put together of driving in to town, around the church and plaza and then out of town. Another small town to view. Another time we will stop and spend some time there. 

So here is our trip through Concordia.  Again Click Here to view full screen. 

It is a big town around 8500 people, we just drove through a small part of it. 
Entering town from the highway through the arch. 
Colorful buildings, mixture of businesses and homes. 
It is a good step up to the sidewalks. 
Colorful fruit store. Must be closed on Sunday. 
One of the bigger homes on this street. They even have a grass front yard. This part is a one way street into the plaza/church area. 
The plaza. Nice sign for the town. There are walk ways, a few statues and the gazebo here.
Concordia is known for it hand crafted wood furniture. This big chair is in the plaza. Always someone in it getting picture taken. 
It is also known for it Raspados - shaved ice with fruit and fruit juice poured over it. Very good. All flavors of fruit. As I mentioned lots of people around this area.
Notice the first and the last building. Several years ago the government gave the town enough paint to repaint most of the buildings in this area. However there were only four or five  different colors. So all of the buildings were some variation of those colors. No bright colors at all. It looked so strange, it took us a few minutes to figure out why it looked so different. Click here to read the blog about the newly painted town. Now the bright colors are beginning to show up again. .This is the road behind the church.
Driving into the sun. The church on the left with the plaza in front of it. 
The buildings in the middle section of this picture are still the very bland colors. We are now heading out of town. 
These have not been repainted wither. Imagine a whole center of town painted like this. Weird. 
And on we went to home. Sunday was a really pleasant day out and about. 
Monday we went to Centro for errands. 

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