Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Thank goodness for sunsets

The reality of our winter here. At least in the area the dirt is all the way up to the top of the wall. However as the wall goes to the right it gets higher and higher. A lot more dirt will be brought in - graded and compacted. Layer after layer. Yep that is our Internet line drooping down the wall - keeping a close watch on it.
They are adding another six feet to the cement wall, block by block. 
The block wall is just to the left of this big mango tree. All the crap on the ground is from the old chain link fence, Guess it will stay there forever. Just one of the many, many graders.
The newest homes they are building - just a bit east of the ones that are almost done. Sure working fast. 
This is some kind of compactor. he is coming up out of the depression where the microwave tower was. It is finally all cleaned out and they are starting to fill it with dirt. A layer of dirt and then the compactors go back and forth on it. They are the nosiest machines there are. And our RV vibrates when they are running. Sure is not helping Bill recover. 

Putting the roof? on these houses. Worked until the sun was down. 
He is shoving dirt into the microwave tower hole. Please hurry and fill it up. 
The sunset last night started out kind of weird. Grayish yellow clouds. 

There was a heavy gray cloud layer just over us. Took these pictures and went inside. 
Luckily I went back out to turn the lights on. The colors were changing again. The gray was getting red. 
Just kept taking pictures 

Front of our RV far left.  So nice out without the noise. 
Took lots more but will spare you those. 
No pretty sunrise this morning. Looks like it will be a clear day. Only going up to 77 today. In fact the whole week is supposed to be below 79 during the day and low 60's at night. A couple days will be cloudy. 
Everyone in the RV park is getting crabby about all the construction. A lot of people will be leaving as soon as this months rent is up. Most will be headed north. Some of the Canadians are even thinking about going all the way home. Weather be damned. 
7:30 and the engines are starting up. 
Lots more dirt to be moved and compacted. Their side of the wall. The dirt will eventually go to the top of it. 

Behind us. Can only see half of the grader, Eventually when all the dirt is in will be able to see the bottom of his tires. Dump trucks working one after the other today.
Soccer game later today Barcelona must win. 


Contessa said...

I would be insane by now. Yes thank goodness for sunsets. We do have someone arriving here on the 5th, form your park.

Barb said...

beautiful sunset photos!