Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Shorter walk today

A nice windless day with temps in mid 80's. Wednesday and it was walking day again. We went back into the Wetlands but had a much shorter walk today only 6500 steps out there. The sun was much to hot for me to go any further. So I came home and they continued walking. It is now 5:30 and I only have in 7000 steps. Either we will have to start walking earlier or I will be walking, maybe, on my own.

Regressing, I cooked a yummy dinner last night. Scalloped potatoes, braised asparagus and baked salmon with lemon, butter, garlic and caper sauce. Both of us over ate...

Also yesterday I changed my table decor...took the Saint Patrick's stuff off and put on my Easter stuff. 
Also hung my Easter stained glass in the kitchen window.
Through the years I've made sun catchers for almost every holiday. Too much time on my hands I guess.

The sun setting last night I like the way it lights up the eastern hills and mountains. 
So, this morning back into the Wetlands to walk and look who we saw. A coyote - we hear them at night all the time, but this is the first one I've seen. Though several times people on streets by us have seen them walking here in our community. 
When he saw us he went and hid in the brush. 
Some of these pictures I just took because I liked the colors and textures in the area. 
Bushes reflecting in the water. 
A few different trees in bloom. Some pink, some others white. 
Part of this area was burned, all the black limbs, now it is coming back with lots of green plants. And way in the distance Mount Charleston with its snow -a couple of days ago it got 4 more inches of fresh snow. This picture is taken on the eastern edge of the valley, the mountain is on the western end. On a clear day...
There used to be a pond around here, now just a puddle. 
After I got home from walking we took the RV to be smogged and then parked it in the RV storage area. Came back home and got both cars and took them to be smogged too. They need to be registered next month so got it all done at once. Also heard on TV that CDC and FDA had said all old folks should get a second booster (fourth shot) so called the pharmacy and we will get ours tomorrow morning. 
Not cooking tonight. I had a big salad and Bill is on his own. Think he had some leftover paella.
No walking tomorrow, giving my foot a rest every other day. 

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