Thursday, March 10, 2022

In Quartzsite - so close to home

Wouldn't you know, today is the only day this week there are going to be high winds! So we'll be spending one more day here in Quartzsite. We were talking to the campground manager and he said this winter here was crazy. They were full and overflowing every day. Glad to hear that. 

But back to yesterday. After we got up and woke up yesterday morning Bill got to thinking about the other tires. They are all the same age with the same sitting in the hot Vegas sun and driving on the horrible Mexican roads use on them. So before getting back on the road he wanted to have them checked. Luckily in Gila Bend there was a tire service with very good reviews. Heading towards it. The Alien restaurant. 

It was listed in the campgrounds brochure as Ironwood Towing, but it is also a Goodyear store. Called them and they had the size we needed IF we needed one. Well turns out we got two more new tires. Both on driver's side read. Inner tire was in really bad shape. And the outer one not much better. Better safe than sorry. So now we have three new tires on rear - one had already been replaced a couple of years ago as had the front tires. 
Took less than an hour to get them all changed. So 800 dollars in new tires later (includes tire from day before) we were leaving Gila Bend at 10:15. Would have like to stop here and look around. Looks interesting. 
Big metal dinosaurs in a Pilot downtown Gila Bend. Price of diesel. 
On the road - just desert and mountains. 
Lots of yellow flowers along the road. 

Between Gila Bend and Buckeye. Sign said left lane closed ahead. Well more than the left lane closed, actually both lanes were closed. Driving on the shoulder. Glad they paved it too. 

Stopped to fuel up before getting to Quartzsite. Glad we can get home without buying more gasoline. It went up 10 cents from day before. Any way he was parked next to us. Three headed dragon in metal work. Really pretty. Pictures not very good. There were colorful flowers all around the base. Think we could put something like this in our front yard without the HOA going into cardiac arrest? 
So arrived in Quartzsite about one o'clock. 134 miles. We were surprised to find there were only a few of the overnight spots in the RV park open. Glad I made reservations. Looked up the weather and decided to stay another day. Bill unhooked the Jeep and we went out later to have burgers at Burger King, he likes the Impossible Burger and I got a real burger.  Got a surprise when the bill was twenty dollars for two burgers, drinks and fries (which were barely cooked.) A lot of vendors still here and the RV parks are still pretty full. 
Will spend today here and be home tomorrow I hope. The weather is also saying it might rain in Vegas today. So another reason to stay here. 
Today we filled the Jeep at 4.15 a gallon 76 station on main corner in Quartzsite. Wonder how long they'll be able to keep it that low. 


Anonymous said...

Gas getting up to $5 a gal. in Las Vegas now...

Jackie McGuinness said...

We're at $7 and a bit a gallon! Yes, fast food is not cheap. You can cook a better meal for less.

Carol and Bill said...

Guess one of the first things we should do is put gas in my car before it gets any higher.
Jackie - paid 34 dollars for two medium pizzas last night. guess I will be cooking more in the future.