Wednesday, April 20, 2016

A not so busy day today.

Summer is coming to Vegas - reached 90 for the first time this year and tomorrow more of the same. Humidity was around 6% But by Friday it will be back down into the 70s with more wind and maybe rain on Monday.
I made an appointment at the DMV to register the Jayco tomorrow morning. Wonder if that will be as easy as the driver's licenses. Again I brought up all the forms - filled them in on the computer then printed them. We also will make a trip to the Henderson City Hall because Bill needs to renew his passport - heaven forbid it expires while we're traveling in Mexico. And the city hall is a one stop place, even take the picture there. 
We pretty much stayed home all day. The ladies from Mayberry's Maids [our son's cleaning service] came so now we have a sparkling house.  I walked up to the club house before it got too hot and arranged to borrow a table for the garage sale at the end of the month. The community advertises it in all the newspapers and puts up big signs and provides homeowners balloons to put up. 
What we don't get rid of we'll donate. 
Wow Barcelona soccer team made 8 goals in today's game. Too bad they didn't make some of them when they needed them in the last couple of games that they lost.
I've been printing some photographs that I'm going to frame and put in the Jayco - was going to put a picture of the wall they will be going on BUT - somehow...I managed to delete all the pictures I've taken of the work we've been doing in it. I can take pictures of it done but not before and during...Guess we could go back to the lot and take pictures of one for sale. I'm telling you all these pills are messing with my mind. Only one more day of them thank goodness. Good thing I posted some on the blog. 
Here is the wall I'm going to put the pictures on. The blank slate behind the sink.
 Here are a couple of the pictures I'll frame Good kitchen photos - recognize the ribs.
 And some colorful vegetables.
Did discover the printer is running out of colored ink - so that goes on the list. And maybe I'll try to print them on canvas - if the printer will take the canvas. 


Unknown said...

It got up to 89deg in Seattle yesterday. Today only 85. It broke a record yesterday. I love your new home

Tioga George said...

Dear Carol and Bill,
I am complimenting you both, for your intensions to continue RVing. You both are intrepid!!

In contrast, I do not enjoy traveling even 100 miles away from my apartment! Next week is the Jewish Passover, and I am going to Cousin Jacky's home for the celebration. About an 80 mile trip. I've made arrangements to do that trip with Cousin Jacky's son, Paul.


Carol and Bill said...

Thank You - pretty warm for up there this time of year isn't it?

Carol and Bill said...

We are already talking about we are going to do in Mexico this winter. More traveling than sitting in one place. As long as our health holds out. Also hoping to make some short trips soon.

NormSusan said...

Love the new motorhome but I also liked your old one. What made you decide to change? The new one doesn't seem that much smaller than the old one. Maybe 5-6 feet shorter? Anyways, both are great and glad to hear you will be returning to Mexico.

Carol and Bill said...

10 feet shorter - it is 29' Alfa is 40' also not as tall makes going under wires easier. only needs 15amps to run not 50amps We can now fit in most US national parks. easier to maneuver. lots of little reasons. And Bill thinks I'll drive this one.