Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Pansies, bunnies and more good things.

Thought I'd start out today's blog with pretty and cute things. Enough with the doldrums. The first picture are the beautiful pansies that surround the clubhouse. We go by it every time we go shopping. [like every day!] Makes me want to plant some all around our house. But I won't - don't want to HAVE to take care of them if we want to go somewhere. 
 And if you can find them there are two bunnies who were out with the birds having breakfast this morning. They are pretty hard to see but they are there. We throw carrots out there. One is right above the flowers on the left - and the other is just above and left of the flowers on the right. 
 Here one is just to the right of the post and I can't find the other one, maybe I cut him out
So today has been a busy and productive day. First off my new pills are not bothering me at all - hopefully they are working. 
I think I mentioned that now , just for the last couple of weeks, we can make appointments to get things done at the dreaded DMV.  I had already download the forms to fill out for the "Real Driver's License" [they call it that, not me." Also had gathered up all the paper work we needed. Our appointments were both set for 9:15 - they use your phone number to set the appointment. So I used our regular cell and Bill's cell for him. Couldn't make two appointments with one number even at different times. Anyway - I put everything we'd need in a file. We got up early so we had plenty of time to go out to breakfast first then to the DMV. Enjoyed our breakfast, left the restaurant around 8:15. I looked in the back seat for the folder - IT WASN'T THERE - OMG I'd forgot the folder at home. The pills must be messing with my mind. Glad we weren't far from home, so dashed back there and picked them up. Got to the DMV about 10 to 9. Went into and up to the appointment window. Got to the window in a couple of minutes. Got checked in. Clerk asked for last four numbers of phone - I gave him last four numbers of my SS - Bill was looking at me like WHAT? - The clerk says - that number isn't here. Crap - gave him the right nuimber. Then he told us we only had to make one appointment for the both of us, we'd just go to the same window. Bu now it was a couple minutes before 9. I got a text message on my phone that there were 25 people ahead of us...Ha I just knew this was going to take forever! At 9:14 our phone number came up. By 9:15 we were sitting at the window with a very nice clerk. He was glad to see we had all our paper work done, he gave us the eye test. Stamped our temporary license and sent us to be photographed. We were back in the car by 9:45. Could not believe it. Congrats NV DMV. Pleasant experience. We also asked about what we needed to register the  RV. And we can make an appointment for that too. 
Ran a couple errands one of course to Walmart the other to Barnes and Noble so the Nook person there could help us figure out how to separate our accounts - so Bill can get his books on his nook and my books go to my nook. And never the twain shall meet. (what does that mean anyway?) looked it up - lots of examples but this is pretty clear.
  1. used to suggest that two things are too different to coexist:
    "Ulster people are British and Irish people are Irish, and never the twain shall meet"
Then home to get together the paper work for the RV and noticed that the ID insurance card said "California" as we had added it to the insurance policy with the Alfa. Oh, oh that won't work, has to be a Nevada insurance. The paperwork has to say "meets requirements set forth ----- must be included on the Nevada Evidence of insurance card." 
So spent a while on the phone setting up a new policy for the Jayco. Downloaded the form for the DMV and the new ID cards. So now I just have to make the appointment to do it. 
Remembered we were back in a big city on Monday when the TV was announcing which post offices would be open till midnight to accept US tax forms. 
Our son is sending over a couple of his ladies so tomorrow afternoon we'll have a nice clean house. Whoopie. 

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