Thursday, April 28, 2016

Walking and a rainbow.

Another weird desert day. Did manage to get in a little under 2 mile walk again. Between rain showers. Just another cactus with it flowers. 
 Here are another couple of the utility boxes that have been painted. We were moving too fast to get a good picture - but it's good enough to see. It is one of my favorites. I like the people on it.
Out during our walk looking north, see the weather moving in. And it got pretty cool real quick. End of walk. Didn't rain over us but it sure was all around us. 
 Cooking a roast with potatoes, onions and carrots for dinner. Yep it is cool enough for the oven to be on. 
I was fixing the meat when I realized how dark it was behind us and that the sun was shining in front of us so I went out to look. Sure enough there was a rainbow. It's just under the red line. I should have gone out a couple of minutes sooner as it was fading fast. 
Tomorrow it is supposed to be sunny but more wind and rain over the weekend. Very unusual April here in southern Nevada. Saw some pictures of Wyoming covered in snow so guess I shouldn't be complaining. 

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Tioga George said...

You are doing much better than I am with walking!! I have been sooooo lazy lately. But very happy doing very little.