Monday, May 2, 2016

More rain in Vegas. A stay inside day.

After my last post a couple of days ago, the sky opened and the streets flooded. Hail, lightening and thunder that shook the house. Like being back in Indiana. Lost our satellite TV for about 15 minutes. Water rescues. The whole nine yards. Lasted about 1/2 hour. And this morning Yard Sale day it is pouring. We decided a couple of days ago to not participate in the sale. Just put everything back in  the shed - another day - they have community yard sales here about three times a year. Today it is supposed to rain most of the day and some tomorrow. And will be snowing on the mountain again! Not a good day to be out on the roads, people here just can't drive in rain. 
Glad there is lots on TV today - three soccer games in a row and maybe, NASCAR, though it looks like Talladaga is going to be having rain too. Everybody won their soccer game so Barcelona keeps it's one point lead in the league with 3 more games to go.
Talladaga was its usual wreck fest for both races. What a waste of money for the owners and there must be a lot of sore drivers today. More than half the cars ended up wrecked. They should start calling it a demolition derby not a race. 
Some scenes from later Saturday afternoon. It had been dry out for a few hours, then I looked outside and saw this coming. 
 About five minutes later. Thunder and lightening. Luckily we didn't get any hail. But the streets sure flooded quick. 
 An hour later there was a little sky that got opened up for a small sunset,. 
Sunday was a nice day. Sunshine all day and in the high 70's, a breeze instead of a wind. So took a short walk, just a little over a mile. 
Spent some time finding old pictures and printing them on fabric so I can add them to the evening privacy curtain. Can't do any more until I buy more printer ink. 
Made banana nut muffins  - made the house smell go good. 
Bill put up the palm trees we bought in Mazatlan. They break up that long expanse of house where the front door is. 
 The mountains got s lot more snow over the weekend. Even a couple of the lower ones that didn't have snow now have it. 

Today was warmer, high 70s, a little breeze. Altogether a nice day. By Wednesday it is supposed to be in the low 90s. Then over the weekend back to the low 70s and more rain. 
Had another doctor appointment today with another test. Just one more to go next week then we are hitting the road for a few days. 


Contessa said...

Crazy weather you are having. I might have lost track but is the other house still for sale?

Carol and Bill said...

hopefully by the end of the month the house in IN will be gone. today here it will bed 93! ugh.