Monday, May 30, 2016

A walk in The Wetlands

Yesterday a new Veterans Memorial opened here in Las Vegas. This is when they were working on it - I borrowed the picture from the Internet. We hope to go visit it soon. The statues depict soldiers from all wars. War of Independence till now. 
Yesterday morning I thought I got up in time to see the sunrise but it was almost up when I got outside at 5:29. Did manage to get this picture though out over the Wetlands. 
 Had to laugh when I saw all the pigeons sitting on the roof waiting for Bill to come out and feed them. The sun reflected in the window. 
 I took a walk around the community early, before it got hot. Pretty flowers on a plant that seems to flourish here in the heat. 
 And check out these two color roses. Looks like someone has painted them. 
 I cheated and walked back towards home through the short cuts, one being through where the RV is stored. Bill had told me he had taken the decals off the back but I hadn't seen it. He is getting it ready to put up the maps of where we've traveled in an RV. Now we just have to find someone to make the maps. The only ones available are Canada and the USA. 
After I got home we made a short trip out for breakfast and to Wal*Mart for a few things. Put the new short queen sheets on the bed in the RV - Bill brought it over here for a while - they fit really good and the cut down quilt also fits good. Also re arranged some cupboards so they will work better. Then it was time to watch the Indy 500 and the NASCAR 600 (boring.) While watching them I finished the embroidered rectangles for my quilt and started sewing some of the Christmas design strips together. 
Was in bed early for me last night, by 10:30. But between the walk and working in the RV and the house I managed an over 10,000 step day. 
This morning I again got up too late for a good sunrise, later than yesterday. 

Bill came out to join me watching the birds and the bunny eat. 
Seeing how we were both up we decided to take a walk in the wetlands behind our house. Very good decision. Got in 6500 steps. Some pictures from there. A map of the trails of the area. We live about where the gray  dot with the red dot next to it is on the bottom left corner. It's amazing to walk through here and see all the green and water. 

 One of the many creeks. 
 This was more like a pond. 
And the waterfall.
 Just some fast moving water. 
 We saw lots and lots of rabbits and a few ducks. 
After our walk we ran a few errands - Bill wants to tile one wall in the RV so we picked some out at Lowes. Then home for the day - made it into the high 90's today. And our AC seems to be not working like it should be. Of course it is a holiday so have to wait until tomorrow to call about getting it fixed. 
Got tired of watching war movies so I took a short nap and sewed a little on my quilt. Need to get the iron out next and too hot for that. 

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