Thursday, May 12, 2016

Finally back in Monument Valley for a couple of days.

Hello from Monument Valley, Utah. One of the most magnificent places on earth. The header picture is from the campground. Quite a view. 
We left Williams this morning around 9:00, made one stop for gasoline at Pilot $2.11 with our Pilot RV Card. Got to Monument Valley around 1:15. Slow and easy trip. Except for the one gust of wind that hit us full on the side while driving up 89. Sure glad there was no one in the other lane cause the wind moved us right over the line. Other than that it wasn't very windy. 
We are staying at Gouldings - to the tune of $56 a night! They have okay WiFi - which is good 'cause the MiFi won't pick up a signal. 
And likewise our Direct TV - I think the mountain is in the way. Guess we'll just suffer not being abreast of the breaking Donald and Hillary news. Looking out our front window.
 Looking at us.
 And looking over the valley. 
But back to our drive. The snow on the mountain right outside of Flagstaff. 
 It has some serious snow up there.
 On the 89N looking across the land. Where the heck is that guy going? Down at the bottom is about where the wind hit us. 
Miles and miles of view. The rock is redder than it looks here. 
 One of the many Indian Trading Posts. 
This looks what I think the moon would look like. Even with the space ships flying around. Just kidding bugs on the windshield. 
 This is solid rock, not sand dunes. 
Just another view of the different layers in the hills
 Standing guard next to the highway 160 after Tuba City.
 These are not utility poles they are power poles for an electric train. The Black mesa and Lake Powell Railroad (BLKM) is an electrified private railroad operating in northern Arizona within the Navajo Nation which transports coal 78 miles from the Kayenta Mine near Kayenta, AZ to the Navajo Generating Station power plant at Page, AZ. 
And then we saw this.  It is a Black Mesa coal conveyor belt and storage silos. Coal from the Kayenta mine is loaded onto the trains. 
Interesting things out here in the middle of nowhere. The conveyor belt crosses the road and goes up the mountain. 
Getting closer to Monument Valley. 
 It looks like a woman in a ruffled skirt to me. 
We got settled in, Bill took a little nap then we hopped in Willie, the Jeep and headed into Monument Valley. Price has gone up again, $20, but the pass is good for four days. 
Need to sort through my 250 pictures for tomorrow's blog. 


NormSusan said...

The campground looks nice but WOW $56.00 per night,it must be gold dust sprinkled around your site!! LOL With the dollar exchange, we would never be able to afford to stay there more than one night. Glad to see everything is going smoothly on your maiden voyage.

Carol and Bill said...

It is the only show in town. Unless you want to dry camp. And we were lucky to get reservations here. Every campground in Utah is full.
Maybe after we get another battery and maybe solar panels we'll do some dry camping. But not yet.