Saturday, May 28, 2016

Walking, quilting, working and watching TV.

We've had a busy productive last two days. 
Yesterday morning I managed a walk before it got too hot. Did almost two miles. I noticed that the park has added three brand new homes. Or I should say are in the process of adding them. One of them - kind of put together. I like the front porch idea. Will have to keep checking on them to see how long it takes to put them together. Sure didn't take long to take one apart. 
Also saw these pretty plants while walking,. The cactus are all done blooming till next year. Don't know tree is but it sure is pretty. 
I keep thinking I want to put some plants in around our lot, but I'm not a very good plant mama. When we took our vacation the other day I forgot to put my two pots of geraniums in the shade AND forgot to water them before we left. Of course while we were gone the weather was in the high 90s. But they seemed to take it in stride as they are getting ready to bloom again. Also this bush is really pretty, it seems to bloom most of the summer here. 
Speaking of summer here - by Monday it is supposed to be over 100 - so I guess summer has finally arrived. Until then  we've been below average. Yesterday was 87, not too bad. Unless you had to walk a ways in it. Bill took the jeep into the mechanic. It has been making loud thunking sounds since we came home from Mexico. But was driving fine. Did fine on our trip but noise was getting worse. Good think Bill took it in. The front axle is broken. If he had of put it in 4 wheel drive we'd probably still be stuck in the desert somewhere. Get it back middle of next week.
Bill had his phone with him and tried calling me to pick him up. For some reason the calls didn't go through and he ended up walking home. OVER THREE miles. He is still recovering!If we were still in Indiana he couldn't walk 300 feet. So good to see him so much better. 
For dinner last night I fixed a Rachel Ray recipe. Zuccini pasta. Very, very good. No meat in it but really tasty. But I made way too much. We'll be eating it for a week! Think I'll freeze some for one of those frequent nights I don't feel like cooking.
FYI - have you seen a picture of Goldi Hawn lately - she looks fantastic and she just turned 70!
So on to today. A couple of days ago we bought a chandler for over the dining table, tired of eating in the dark. Bill put it up today. Looks great and now we have light. 
Notice the Memorial Day/Fourth of July table settings. I love my embroidery machine. Which segs me into what I did today, besides watching two different sports on TV at the same time. I wanted to watch practice, qualifying and a NASCAR race but didn't really want to waste the day so I found the Christmas wall hanging I'd started last fall and did some more work on it. It will have 12 embroidered rectangles in it surrounded by different Christmas patterned material.  Some of the embroidery. 
I only have one left to do but the sewing machine was getting hot and both the soccer game and car race went into overtime so I had to watch them...Sewing and watching TV.
This is the quilt pattern. 
After I post this I'll finish the last embroidered piece. The NASCAR turned out great. The soccer game...well the team we don't really like won in over time kicks. 

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