Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Arches and Canyonlands Parks.

Hello from the Saint George, UT area. Last night we stayed at a nice KOA in Richfield, UT. Today we had a 150 miles drive to this area. Lots more up and downs in elevation. Also more black clouds all around us. But we just got a few drops for a few miles. At least no snow 
Did you ever pick out a campground that sounded good and then get there and kick yourself. Actually there is nothing wrong with the campground itself. But the location is a mess. On the maps and in the book and on line it looked great. Close to Zion and St George, just a few miles from Hurricane. The problem is the connecting road to all those places in not drivable. At one time maybe but for sure not now. Coming here we got off the interstate made the turns onto old highway 91 to the RV park. 3+ miles later we were there. That's okay. When we leave we'll just take old highway 91 south to the I-15 or to the 9 into Zion.  After parking we decided to go into Saint George for lunch. Out of the campground turned south on old highway 91- will just zip down this to the 9 then to the 15 and we'll almost be in Saint George. In about 1/2 a mile the road became a gravel road, then a dirt road ,then a dirt/gravel washboard road. We stopped and Bill asked me if I was sure we were going the right way. Just following GPS. Another car pulled up beside us and asked if we knew where we were going? Um. Not sure. He told us that a mile or so further the road was paved again and it would take us to the 9 which would take us to the I-15. Now I know why the directions in the book to the campground said DO NOT USE GPS. Thank goodness we were in the car and not leaving in the RV. So to leave we have to back track about 3 1/2 miles to get on the I-15. And to go to Zion we again have to back track to the Interstate then get off on the 9 and go east. believe me it is "not convenient to anything." 
While in Moab we visited Arches National Park and drove around some in Canyonlands Park. Both beautiful places that we'd like to spend more time in. 
Tomorrow we plan on going to Zion and on to home the next day. 

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