Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Busy getting nothing done.

Woke up yesterday morning to discover Microsoft updating my PC to Windows 10. WTH?  Bill had already discovered that if we just Declined the update the system would revert back to what ever version of Windows we'd been using. Good thing. I have some old programs that I use all the time that wouldn't work with 10 and there are no newer versions of them. I just had to pay to keep my Office program working for another year. What a crock. Hopefully it worked, won't know until June 1st when it will either keep working or won't. 
Got two medical tests done yesterday and today have a regularly scheduled doc's appointment for yearly physical. Sure hope he has heard how a couple of the tests turned out. 
Beautiful day here temperature wise but the wind is blowing like crazy. Everything has a fine layer of dust on it. But, if I don't touch the furniture or move anything I can't see the dust. Works for me. 
We still haven't received our new driver's licenses. We were at the DMV on April 19th. And our temporary ones expire on June 3rd. I tried calling the DMV - put on hold, would have to wait 29 minuets for a representative. So hung up. Maybe we'll drive over there and ask What's Up? Next time I called got a busy signal. 
Well I finally got a hold of the DMV - our licenses were mailed a month ago. They have not got here! So tomorrow we have another appointment at the DMV to get "replacement driver's licenses" I sure hope they are a different number. The lost ones are the "extra secure ID ones." The ones we practically had to give blood to get. Now if the USPS ...
We went to family doc today and now I have another test, but not until September. All of these doctor appointments are making me SICK! And he didn't give me results on anything, have to see the specialists that scheduled them. Oh well.
Fixed a yummy dinner. Chicken breasts browned then simmered in lime juice and rose wine with zuccini, green pepper, onion and fresh tomatoes. Seasoned with salt, coarse pepper, garlic powder and rosemary.  Served with noodles with herbs and garlic.  
Went to Wal*Mart and got a toaster oven for the house so we can put the small one in the RV. Also had to get printer ink. Why is it so expensive? Bill found some cargo shorts he likes. $10 cheaper than the exact same ones on Amazon. 
That's about it for us today. 


Jackie McGuinness said...

Much the same here.

Grandma on the Road said...

I feel your pain! I thought I had those pesky automatic updates turned off but several snuck in and changed several of my programs, so now I have to put things back to where they were. And it meant I had to log in again to all my online sites! Best thing I did when I bought this new computer was get it with Windows 7 Professional installed. Hate Windows 8 and 10, although 10 is not quite as bad as 8.

I went to most of those same places last month. One place I really liked was Dead Horse Point State Park near Canyonlands Natl Park. Think the view was even better, and state park had electric sites on the mesa nicer than national park.