Saturday, May 7, 2016

Planning trip - hope weather is nicer.

AARRGG - it is raining again. April and May are supposed to be the driest months of the year. In April Vegas got 2" of rain. Almost unheard of. The west end of the valley is even getting thunder and lightening. So far we are just getting sprinkles. No walk today,  Yesterday I managed to get in over 10,000 steps. Walked all around the community. Also talked to a lady who said come get her if I want to walk in the wetlands. She knows where there is a waterfall out there. Sounds interesting.
Went to store and got a few staples for the RV -  paper goods and coffee filters - I never remember to put them in.
Then Bill cooked up a batch of milenasea. Froze some of it to take with us in our travels. He likes them in sandwiches. Saved them in batches using the handy dandy Food Saver.
Going to think about meals for our short trip - don't want to take a bunch of stuff we won't use and then just have to bring it back in the house when we get back.
Got a rude awakening about car insurance. In Indiana it was $850 a year total - that was for both cars. In Nevada it is from a low of $2000 a year to a high of $2800 for the two cars. Exact same coverage as Indiana. Highway robbery! And you can only get six month policies not a year. 
Finishing a few odds and ends in the RV (we need to hurry as we're supposed to have thunderstorms AGAIN this afternoon.)
Still not sure where we are going - just that we are going somewhere. 


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