Saturday, May 14, 2016

Sunset and sunrise Monument Valley

Saturday morning and we will soon be on the road again. This time heading to Moab, just 150 miles north but another 1000 feet lower in altitude. We got lucky and got one of the few remaining sites in a campground there. They had a cancellation a few minutes before I called. But again expensive. This is turning out to be a VACATION. Will do better planning from here on. Again about half the park is full of rental RVs. Ate at the restaurant at the lodge yesterday and we were the only table speaking English. Amazing. Spanish, Italian, German, Japanese and Chinese among the ones I could figure out.
Here we go with more pictures of our evening drive through the valley.
The sun was starting to go down making great light shows on the rocks.

And this was the sunset - not pretty but different.
Yesterday morning we got into the valley just after sunrise. So things looked different. The Three Sisters area with the sun shining on them.
The look out point from John Ford's Point. This time we were the only people there. Awesome. So beautiful and so quiet.
A panoramic view of the area
Continuation of upper picture. The sun was still kind of low in the sky.
Just taking it all in.
Looking back to the parking area and where all the vendors set up. The day before it was bustling with people and tourists trucks. Just Willie is there.
Just shadows and light.
Yesterday we went to the Gouldings Lodge to look around. And had lunch there. Also visited the museum and "John Wayne's Cabin." It was used in one of his movies. Then we drove a ways out another dirt road. But I just realized I haven't taken the pictures off the memory card yet. So guess what the next blog will be about. BTW the weather here is perfect. Low 80s during the day and cool but not cold at night.


Tioga George said...

I am in awe of the two of you. Taking off to travel to Utah!

I, in comparison, am happy just driving my bike around town.



Carol and Bill said...

hard to get used to a new smaller RV. Scenery here is beautiful and it is cooler than Vegas this week. We'll continue to travel while we still can I guess.