Thursday, May 5, 2016

Great day yesterday even if it was hot.

Yesterday was a WARM day - got up into the 90s.  Today only low 80s. Really an up and down few weeks. 
The Cox cable man came early yesterday morning and installed our new Internet. So far happy with it. Half the price and same speed. Did manage to get a walk in before it got too hot. So did 8200 steps yesterday. Better than I've been doing. The girls from our son's cleaning service came yesterday afternoon. Love it when they come. Everything looks so nice and smells so good when they are done. It is Mayberry's Maids in Las Vegas. Great job. 
I'm trying to find a store around here that sells 8oz shelf stable whole milk. Tried to find it on the Internet but the company that used to sell it no longer does. We use milk so seldom I don't like buying a quart - it goes bad before we use it up. And sometimes I discover I want 3/4 of a cup for something or the other and of course I don't have any. We used up our last 8oz box of Hershey whole milk a month ago. The Smith''s grocery up the street from us said they might be able to order some for us. Hope so. I can find it in Mexico, but I could use some now. 
Went out to dinner last night - too hot to cook. So it was a good day, new Internet, cleaning girls and dinner out. Whoopee. 
People ask us all the time, "Aren't you afraid to go to Mexico with all the killings etc.?" As of today there have been 64 murders here in Vegas since the first of this year. No we are not afraid to go to Mexico but we are careful where we go here.
Was just watching the news and Katlyn Jenner might end up nude on the cover of Sports Illustrated. HUMMMMM...
There has been some interest in how our privacy curtain will work in the Jayco. Here is a picture of it.
There are hooks on the dividers behind the cab seats (that's what the hats are hanging on).  There are curtain rings on the corners of the curtain they just hook over the hooks. It actually came with an UGLY curtain that would hang the same way - hooked to two tiny Velcro patches. Here is a picture I filched off the Internet - not our coach - we HAD a bed there not an entertainment center. The little white dots are where the hooks are. 
   We won't use it during the day. I'm surprised Bill hasn't ordered a dash cover yet. For now we'll just throw one of our Mexican blankets over the dash. And use a regular silver wind shield sun shade when we need it. Again I'm sure Bill is researching things to do. 
Have the license plates on it now, still waiting for our new driver's licenses...Hope they come before next week when we are planning on taking a short trip. 

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Phil said...

Re shelf milk, or ultra pasturized, I can buy it in Phoenix, in two different stores. It's hard to guess where they will put it, near evaporated milk if you can find that. But shelf milk is quite expensive...I think it was $3.89 the last time I saw it. I'm a big milk user, and I thought about it for when I run out. I keep a little bit in the freezer for those times.