Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Vegas weather has changed

No rain, no wind and blue sky - also temperatures over 90 degrees.. But, luckily, only for today. Then back into the 70s and 80s.  Managed to get in a short walk before it got too hot. Almost two miles. I had planned on going earlier but had a technician here to install Cox Internet. I told Century Link Internet to take a hike. What a customer service unfriendly company. They get -5 stars for customer service. I think I wrote about trying to get our service turned back on when we got home from Mexico. Before we left we were paying $48 a month - I put the service on a vacation suspension - still cost me $20 a month for not using it. When we got home it took three days and hours on the phone to get it turned on. WHAT!?! Then I got the bill. They were not charging me $114 a month for the same service. They changed our plan when they turned it back on - still getting the same Internet but double the price. Nothing they could do about it. GOOD BYE. 
Yesterday was really nice too, but managed to only walk a couple of blocks to the mail box. Did do some house work and watch a soccer game though. And I finished the privacy curtain for the RV - this is how it turned out. Printed out pictures of places we've been - printed the pics on fabric then sewed them to the curtain. Will take a picture of it when it is in the RV.
Bill took the Jeep in to rotate the tires and also bought new platinum spark plugs and an oil filter for it. We'll take them with us to Mexico and have them changed there where it doesn't cost $120 an hour to just lift the hood. So yes, we'll be going to Mexico again this winter. 
Speaking of Mexico, Bill also put up the hummingbirds we bought there. 
This morning he was fooling around with a product he bought - an As seen on TV thing - and it actually works pretty good. It is Rustoleum Wipe New Recolor. But it smells terrible. Can't be used inside. 
Guess the bunny was here this morning. Tooth marks in the carrot. 
Got two doctor appointments Monday then we are out of here. Will leave in the RV Tuesday morning for somewhere. Don't know where yet. Kind of depends on the weather. Thought about Death Valley but it is already 107 there - nope. Maybe Arizona or Utah if it isn't snowing. 


SandyM said...
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Carol and Bill said...

The windshield cover just covers the windshield, I also don't want anyone looking in the driver and passenger windows into the living area of the coach - it is just for night. We have one of those bright foil ones for the windshield during the day and we cover the dash with a Mexican blanket when staying someplace for any length of time.

SandyM said...

Compare, if you will, the outside windshield cover versus the inside curtain. Do you use the inside curtain for the ease it allows to open during the day? But the outside cover does offer protection to the dash area of your RV - the direction you park may influence which you would use

SandyM said...

I see you answered as I was deleting to rephrase the question. Our outside cover does go over the passenger and driver's windows as well as the windshield. But if you don't get direst sun on the windshield I can see where a curtain would be nice for the ease of opening during the day. Enjoy wherever you go on your upcoming trip. good to hear you will be going back to Mexico come Winter - we plan to spend more time in Rincon de Guayabitos - love the beach there.

Contessa said...

In Canada I would report that company to the Better Business Bureau.

How do you print on fabric, on your own printer??