Monday, May 9, 2016

Birds, art work and doctors in Vegas

Ah finally we have Las Vegas Weather - not a cloud in sight and the temps they are a rising. Might hit 100 by Thursday. 
We will probably not be in town though. We plan on leaving sometime tomorrow morning in the Jayco and go somewhere. Right now it is sitting out front with the Jeep all hooked up and ready to leave. Still have stuff to put in it but will do it in the morning. We won't leave here until after the morning rush hour traffic. Right now our plan is to go to Beatty, NV about 120 miles from here. There are a couple of interesting things to do around there. After we do them don't know what we'll do. 
This guy showed up to eat in the back yard the other day. He was hard to get a picture of - like that think on his head. Sometimes it stood up other times it stuck straight out. 

Also noticed some new art work on the corner by the grocery store. I posted a picture of the sculpture made of chairs, then a bird was added so I posted it. Now there are two sun flowers there. I wonder who or what is putting them there and I hope no one defaces them. 

Another utility box that has been repainted. 
And coming home from yet another doctor's visit we saw this interesting center medium. There were several of them along the street but this was the best picture I got. The plants and the animal are made out of metal.
Had two doctor appointments today. A heart stress test this a.m. and a new doctor this afternoon. I am beginning to dislike doctors and pills. 

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Tom said...

Have a safe trip. Yep, 100 on Saturday. We are going to the mountains Saturday. 78 up at 7,200 feet.