Monday, May 16, 2016

Rain and snow on our travels today.

When we left Moab this morning the sun was shinning but there were a few darker clouds to the West. We went north and got on the I-70, which is one of the smoothest highways we've been on this trip. Pleasant surprise. 
 We needed gasoline so I check our Pilot phone app and the closest one was in Green River, UT. It is a ways off the Interstate and one of the smallest Pilots I've ever seen. This is the front of it. Notice the covered wagon on the roof. And the only place they would honor our Rewards card was at the truck pumps, but the truck pumps didn't have gasoline - only diesel. After stopping for the day I did the math and it seems like we are getting 8.8 miles a gallon. Did a lot of elevation changes while using up this tank. 

Thought I'd share what the inside of the RV looks like when buttoned up for travel. We can still get to everything. 
 The bathroom door on the right and the bed tight up against the hallway, but usable if needed. The bed is on a slide that goes out the back end of the RV.
 Wonder why a cement mixer is towing a car???  That's our antenna sticking up in the picture. 
This is the Green River. Had to cross it to get from Interstate to Pilot. It sure looks full and swift. But not very green.
 Oh,Oh! The clouds started to look really nasty. Some lightening even.
 It is pouring off in the not to far distance. Soon after I took this we got sprinkles.
 Then it cleared up a little - goody blue sky. Didn't last long though. All this time we were climbing higher and higher. 
Suddenly we ran into this. SNOW. Rather fresh snow. And it got a whole lot cooler and we were both in shorts and I had a sleeveless shirt on. Learned how to turn the dash heater on quick. 
 Snow on the road too.
 Then we started down hill and down hill and down hill even more. Rain let up a little too. It was moving away from us. 
 Well we thought it was. Until there was a cloud burst. Drops the size of quarters. Glad there was no hail, just rain. 
It was still sprinkling when we reached our destination of Richfield, Utah. We are staying in a KOA here - not much choice of campgrounds along our route. It is a nice KOA, they have great WiFi.  But there are so many trees we can't pick up satellite TV. They do have cable but we don't need it for one night.
We did 177 miles today. With stopping for gas and the weather it took us 4 1/2 hours. Slow easy trip.
Unless weather is worse tomorrow we will continue heading towards home.  Probably stopping around St. George somewhere. 
I took many pictures at National Arches Park and Canyonlands Park. Will share them another day. 
It stopped raining when I started this, the sky got blue and now it is gray again and sprinkling.

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