Thursday, April 21, 2016

Another Nevada DMV experience

We've made it through another 90 degree day with only one more to go before it cools down to the mid 70s again for a week or so. 
And got the Jayco registered with no problems. We got to the DMV at 9:15 [appointment was for 9:30] and checked in at the Appointment Check in. As we sat down my phone told me there were 10 people ahead of us, a couple minutes later it updated and said there were 19 ahead of us. At 9:32 we were sitting with a clerk handing in the paperwork. At 9:50 we were walking out the door. Registration done, personalized plates ordered. Great system. Also made sure we knew what we needed to register the cars - that has to be done before middle of next month. But they both have to be smogged and we have to change the insurance from Indiana to Nevada.
This pretty pink flowered tree is across the street from us in an empty lot. The tree is covered in blooms. 
I walked up to the club house yesterday - stopped to watch these guiys taking dow a TALL pine tree. Nothing but a stump left. Not my idea of a fun job. 
After the DMV we went to the city Hall in Henderson to get the picture and paperwork for Bill to renew his passport. That took about five minutes. Back outside we walked around a small farmer's market in the parking lot. Didn't buy anything but the produce sure smelled good. 
A beautiful bush outside the City Hall.
We haven't been in the downtown old town area of Henderson in years. Some nice looking buildings there. 
Glad we went today - tomorrow they will be having an Earth Day parade and festival. Another interesting building.
A mural on the side of the the Rainbow Club and Casino. Sure is colorful. 
The front of it - must be pretty at night. 
Another Casino.
LOVELADY Brewery I think. 
Then on home for awhile. Went out later to get some ink for the printer, oil for the car, and foam noodles for the RV. Then it was time to go inside and stay there. 

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