Saturday, December 16, 2017

Children of Mazatlan - Virgin of Guadalupe Day

Dec. 12 was the Feast of the Virgin of Guadalupe. The children don native dress to honor Juan Diego, the Nahuatl to whom Mary, the mother of God, appeared in 1531. The dark-skinned Virgin told him in his native tongue that a church should be built on the site, which is near Mexico City. In order to help Juan Diego convince a reluctant bishop, she made her image appear on his tunic, considered a miracle.
For some interesting facts about the Virgin of Guadalupe click here

We always try to go downtown that day. The area around the Cathedral was full of photographers with various backdrops. The colors of the flag, a picture of the Virgin and a wooden rocking horse. 
Here there is a stuffed horse. The boy has on the native dress. 

Colorful dress and bandana. Ages of the children ranged from babies to about 11 or 12. Not many older than that. 

She was a doll. Very friendly. And yes, I asked before taking the pictures. 

Brother and sister getting their picture taken. Backdrop has the Virgin and Juan Diego. 
She was not happy when her brother left. 
The church was full. One mass after another. A good day to raise money for the church. 

Deciding on the photographer. There were different prices for different sizes and amounts of photos. Check out his shoes.
I wonder if he is wondering what the heck is he doing there?

Notice the mustache - a lot of the little boys had them drawn on. 
He has one too. I've always wondered about the clothes, they would only fit for one year. 
I took this picture to show the back pack. Several children had them. They are special ones for this day. 
She saw the camera and posed for me. Beautiful little girl. She was about 10 or 11. 
Hey Dad, I can't see. 

Another back pack.
Love the mustache. 
Boys will be boys. 

I have more pictures but will save them for a day when I don't have any thing to post about. 
It has finally stopped raining here and the sky is a bright blue. 


SandyM said...

Enjoyed the pictures of the kids - all very cute.

Carol and Bill said...

we always try to go downtown that day. love to see the children